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| Nation | Greece | Hellenic Republic | Elliniki Dhimokratia |Ελληνική Δημοκρατία

| Capital City | Athens

| Official Language | Greek

| Additional Languages | English, French, Turkish, Albanian

| Human name | Marinos Alexandropoulos

Marinos – “of the sea”, stands for Greece’s oceans and the importance the oceans hold for Greek culture

Alexandropoulos – “descendant of Alexandros”, Alexandros is a name meaning “defending men”, and was also the name of Alexandros (Alexander) the Great. The name stands for Greek nationalism and solidarity. The suffix of –poulos is also a family name suffix seen throughout Greece.

| Nicknames | Alexis, Rino

| Physical Age | 38 – 42

| Height | 178cm | 5’10 (Average male height in Greece)

| Birthday | March 25th

| Gender | Male

| Orientation | Pansexual Demi-romantic

| Status | Representation of Greece (Hellenic Republic)

| Personality |

|| Overall ||

At a glance, Marinos looks like a man that stepped right out of a museum’s Greek sculpture exhibition – beautiful, charming, and intriguing curiosity of those who seeks to learn the past. His sociable and hospitable nature adds to the reasons why his homeland is one of the favorites of tourists worldwide. But all this favorable opinions strangers have about Marinos comes from the fact that they don’t truly know this man enough to find his faults and flaws. To put it simply, this Greek man is like the sea which his country is known for. For most, it comes across as a calm, gentle and clear blue sea with rippling waves that carry you gently. Yet at times, it turns into a roaring, thundering sea of rage and aggression that will crush anything that stands in its path.

Marinos is enigmatic, mysterious, and it’s almost impossible to tell what thoughts are running through his head and what intentions are behind his actions. When angered or provoked, he suddenly loses the soft-spoken, gentle persona and becomes a spiteful and aggressive man who will relentlessly attack those who he considers have wronged him. This old yet youthful and lively nation has seen and experienced many things, forming his rather complex personality and nature which is often hard to thoroughly understand for many. But as long as you stay on the right side of things, he will remain as the beautiful Greek who loves friends and ultimately life itself.

|| Charming | Talkative | Hospitable | Outgoing ||

Marinos seems to have a very charming and charismatic atmosphere that draws people’s attention, intriguing their curiosity and making them wonder “Who is this man?” Though he himself may not be aware of it, Marions’ charm perhaps comes from his sociable and generous attitude. His warm, radiant smile and talkative nature instantly presents this man as a likeable and fun person to many strangers that meet him for the first time. Festivities and celebrations are his favorite moments of life, and he loves to bond with others over great food and drink. Marinos is naturally a kind, hospitable person to those he visit his country. In Ancient Greek times, guests were treated with kindness and respect because they were often believed to be Gods in disguise. Such tradition of generous hospitality remains strong in Greek society today, and tourism accounts for a large portion of Greece’s economy. Marinos speaks in a light-hearted and friendly way, and enjoys conversations of both casual and intellectual means – even some gossiping.

|| Brave | Confident | Prideful | Reckless | Stubborn ||

Marinos considers himself as a brave and honourable man. This is correct to a degree. He does have the nerve to take on risky decisions and to disregard the danger that could follow. Marinos values his personal honour, since honour, particularly family honour, is strongly valued among Greeks, especially those living in the rural areas of the country. He takes confidence in his decisions, and places firm belief in it. Marinos is prideful, though not in a sense that he boasts about his accomplishments. He simply takes pride in who he is and because of that he is very confident in what he says and does. For someone to harm his self-confidence and pride would be taken as a great offense. However often times his bravery is a result of him not being careful enough. His bravery is more of a borderline recklessness, because he may not consider the situation thoroughly before making decisions. Marinos also dislikes it when people start giving him orders and forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to do. Marinos loves to roam free, be confident and love life.

|| Intelligent | Imaginative | Curious | Traditional ||

Contrary to the light-hearted and rather carless attitude, Marinos is a very intelligent and wise man. Ancient Greece was one of the major roots in which the Western culture developed from – mathematics, science, philosophy, politics, arts, and more. Education is still strongly valued among many Greeks today. Marinos has a strong sense of curiosity and passion to pursue what interests him. He is curious to learn about new things, sometimes to an extent in which he may not be as mindful of personal boundaries as others. Contrary to such passion, he simply doesn’t care enough to take his time on things that doesn’t interest him. His beliefs also remain rather traditional and conservative. Although he likes to learn about new things, it doesn’t always mean he will accept it.

|| Enigmatic | Deceptive | Spiteful | Aggressive ||

Although he outwardly seems very open and kind, it is never truly clear what this man’s thoughts and intentions are. He’s good at fooling others and hiding his intentions. Often times, people wouldn’t have much of an idea when he lies. His enigmatic and deceptive side of his personality is another factor that gives him a mysterious atmosphere. However, he does get quite emotional and blunt when he is upset or frustrated. Marinos often would openly express his dislike towards someone, and it would be really clear who he likes and who he doesn’t just by looking at the way he acts around people. He finds no problem making complaints about his situations either. Moreover, he gets blunt and wouldn’t stop picking at someone when he gets upset. Marinos also finds it hard to let go of grudges easily. He often times will end up hating the individual for whatever they had done to him until there is some sort of dramatic event that would change his entire opinion about them – which rarely happens. His language and overall attitude turns more aggressive and crude when he is angered. This is a stark contrast from his outwardly friendly and charming nature he usually has, and his rage often comes across as a great shock to others.

|| Lax | Easy-going | Irresponsible | Careless ||

It becomes clear that this man rarely shows concern and panics. Marinos is easy-going and lax, worrying little about his problems. Why fuss over small issues when there’s a whole life to enjoy? He doesn’t like to concern himself too much about current issues because he feels that it takes away from the time he has now to enjoy life. Now, this trait of his can be taken as very relaxed or very irresponsible. This man can be rather neglectful of the small details. He doesn’t really worry too much about problems unless it really does become serious, and thus often has a hard time dealing with them later on. Most of the time, he’s not great at keeping promises and unpunctuality is a norm in this man’s scheduling. His relaxed attitude can be taken in such positive or negative ways. But whatever the case is, it’s quite clear that this man has little time to spare for small problems in order to fully enjoy the present life itself.

| Appearance |

Eyes | Marinos has dark brown eye colour that reflects tints of olive-green hue. The olive is an integral part of Greek cuisine, and the plant was also the sacred plant of goddess Athena, the patron of the capital city of Athens according to the Greek mythology. Olive tree is also one of the national symbols of Greece. His eyes are lively and youthful, drawing people’s attention in everywhere he looks. At the same time, his eyes gives a deep, mystifying gaze that provokes a person’s curiosity.

Hair | His hair is dark brown, rather long and reaching down to his neck. His hair is wavy, representing Greece’s strong connection to the sea. His body is also naturally quite hairy. Marius keeps his beard for most of the time, but occasionally shaves them for meetings and formal errands.

Nose | Marinos has the nose of which is better known by the name, Greek nose. This nose was considered as the perfect nose, and was frequently used in Greek statues and Greek-influenced sculptural works. The nose has a slight curve and has a bump towards the tip. The tall nose also represents the cliffs of Greek coast lines.

Skin | His skin is a healthy olive-tanned colour due to the exposure to sun light. Such skin tone is also commonly seen among Greek people.

Build | Marinos is relatively well-built, with sturdy legs and strong arms. However his body doesn’t show strong signs of muscles (so he’s not super-ripped). He does have strong, broad shoulders.

Fashion | Marinos tends to wear light clothing for warm seasons. His favorites are white shirt with traditional Greek embroideries with comfortable footwear and long pants (occasionally shorts if the weather does get really hot). He tends to layer his clothes during winter times, wearing jacket or vest over his usual shirts. For business and formal meetings, he wears a set of business suits, sometimes with or without ties. Marinos also likes to incorporate the colour blue in his outfit. He also wears a bracelet of Evil Eyes (charms traditionally worn/decorated in the house by Greeks (and other nations as well) to ward off evil) which represents the islands of Greece. The largest of them all represents the island of Crete, the largest island. The silver spheres on the bracelet represents the inhabited islands.

Scars | [ tba ]

| Headcanons |

Not going to lie, he’s a mama’s boy. Really, he loves his mother, Ancient Greece, and still embraces the Ancient Greek values and admires all the historic sites she left. Making “your mom” jokes in front of this man probably a no-no. Greek families tend to have strong parent-children relations even after the children become adults, and it’s not uncommon to see children living with their parents even after becoming adults. Marinos loves his mom and he’s not ashamed of it, not even a tiny bit.

Marinos’ youthful look is partially thanks to his diet rich in vegetables, olive, and olive oil. Greek cuisine involves these ingredients quite frequently.

He sometimes decides to dress up and trim his hair and beard for formal errands. So some people are taken by surprise when they meet him outside of meetings because of the stark contrast between his formal and casual looks.

His smile almost seems permanent on his face. He has smile marks, and his mouth is rather large as though to emphasize his smile. He still smiles even when he’s annoyed or angry.

He enjoys sports such as football, basketball, and aquatic sports like swimming and diving. Thanks to such activities, his body is in good shape.

Although he does appear physically very healthy, he catches cold and gets sick quite often especially because of the recent economic recession in Greece.

He is fluent in Greek (his native language so of course), English, and also some French. He also knows some Turkish due to his history with Turkey, even though he himself barely talks in Turkish anymore.

His voice is pretty loud, giving him a very confident and bold attitude. He doesn’t really believe in whispering.

He usually lives in his apartment in Athens, but also owns a summer home in the rural region. He visits his summer home not only during summer but for weekends and holidays during the warm seasons.

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