Anya of the Toy Shop: The Straw Doll Picture

Anya is a Halloween Straw doll with only her hands, feet, and face being porcelain. She was donated to the toy shop by an older woman who wanted her granddaughter to stop playing with a doll "so strange." Anya is dressed for her own funeral and has a personality to match her dark themed make. But, like her name, Anya is full of perseverance. Anya can mean gracious or merciful in Russian, but her name comes from old Indic writing meaning Perseverance, unlimited, inexhaustible, boundless, ect. She was pushed around when first arriving at the Toy shop, being one of the few who were not made there and one of those few to never sell. But no matter what happened she always stood back up and smiled. Note the high number of Stitches where she had to stitch herself. The break to the front of HER left foot is from kicking a wall in anger at the other toys.She uses her perfect porcelain face as a mask, to portray whatever she sees fit to others, including hiding her own feelings of despair. She wants her best friend Deirdre (DEER-druh), meaning suffering, to only know her as her friend that's always smiling, so she uses her perfect porcelain face to her advantage.
The reason why Anya was never bought is because of her dark theme make. She's the deceased at a funeral yet wheres the dark colors instead of the typical white (I know in some places they where black but where Anya was made the color of Death is white). Also, the parents of children who wanted her would take one look at her uneven hair, that symbolized her wavering mental stability, and believe she was just a cheap doll. She's nothing special, she knows it, she's just a straw doll who's maker didn't even giver her porcelain shoulders. She's not a pretty as he only friend, Deirdre. She's very average. She knows it.
The only toy to let Anya into their life is Deirdre. A completely porcelain doll. And Anya has to admit she's a bit jealous of Deirdre's beauty and strength. Or it was so until Deirdre had gotten fed up with constantly being dropped that she stopped leaving her glass case and fell into the practice her name entailed, suffering. Deirdre was named for the Irish myth, speculated to be the most tragic story in Irish mythology. Deirdre of the Sorrows. Deirdre locked herself in her case and picked at the chips in her porcelain skins, making them bigger. Anya sits outside the case, trying to get in, or get Deirdre out. She fears one day Deirdre will have picked herself to pieces and she'll never be repairable. Anya fears that more than anything. She'd break herself to shreds before fearing anything other than Deirdre's end more.

Anya sits alone in the dark toy shop. The moon shines brightly in through the windows, the street lights dancing on the floor, creating eerie shadows. Anya watched them in anticipation, imagining them rising from the floor to dance a traditional funeral dance for her. A smile spread across her face but quickly vanished as the light's settled as the passerby's retreated into their homes for the night. Turning back to the window the light of the full moon swam in her glass eyes as she stared at it, a smile pulling again over her porcelain lips, red as blood. She stood and curtsied to the moon.
"A good night, is it not?" She whispered, "Strange things happen on the night of a full moon." She bent over as an ominous laugh crowded her throat. She covered her mouth to hold it in and looked around the room. Quite, silent, soundless, however you want to describe it. The best sound, Anya loved it. This was the time when all the toys slept, even Deirdre who couldn't fall asleep at virtually any other time because her mind was too busy, or she was too scared of what she may see as she shuts her eyes. This was the time when only Anya couldn't sleep, just another thing that made Anya different from the other toys, even Deirdre. The way she spoke, the way she looked, the way she acted, her humor, those were all things separating her from the rest. They slept now, she was awake. But she loved it. This was a difference she'd never shake. This, when the moon was out and the street lights danced behind her as she stood on the carver's table. The room was dark and silent, her imagination creating things lurking in the corner, this was her time, her time to be what she really was. Not the timid girl with a personality to match her name she was around the toys. Not the dark but happy girl she was around Deirdre. But the Girl who'd hair symbolized her sanity. She brushed the longer side of her flaming hair with her porcelain fingers and smiled ominously to herself. She spun around, her hair spinning with her, fanning out and glaring like a cold flame in white moonlight and yellow street light. She laughed, a laugh that lacked sanity, that lack happiness. It was not a happy laugh. It was the laugh of a simple, boring, hated straw doll who knew she'd only ever find a friend is the porcelain doll who was slowly destroying herself. It was a laugh of that who is in despair but accepts it, allowing it to feed off their sanity instead of their personality, instead of their hope.
"I love the moon." She chuckled to herself, "It's like me. It's only friend is the earth, which is slowly being killed by the humans that made me. It shines only because sun shines brighter, just like I with Deirdre. It is alone in the vast sky when the earth sleeps just like I am in the hour of silence. And it is different from everything else. There is no other moon in this sky. You can see other planets, Mars, Venus, sometimes Mercury, but never another moon. It's not a planet, and not an asteroid. It is alone. I understand the moon. Perhaps we could be friends." She laughed another sanity lacking laugh as her own silliness.
A light flicked on in the back of the store and people began to talk. Anya narrowed her eyes at the light that destroyed her beautiful darkness. She turned once more to the moon.
"Moon, I bid you a good night. I know you'll always be there for me even if Deirdre destroys herself. I shall be seeing you in the hour of silence tomorrow night. Sleep tight when day returns and shine bright, you light the way for those who have strayed from a sane path like I have."
"She's talking to the moon again." said a Teddy bear.
"Why is she so weird?" said the ballerina from a music box.
"Can't expect much from the only one who seems to stay awake through the hour of sleep. Not natural. I think whoever made her had to have some sort of evil spirit that went into her." The Teddy bear walked away.
"I will be seeing you tomorrow," Anya mumbled as she curtsied to the moon, "if I do not burn the place to the ground with all these accursed toys within before that time comes." The left her bow and turned back the the toy shop intent on sitting outside Deirdre's case until she came out and could meet the moon.

To anyone who didn't get it. This is all symbolic. Take a moment to relate all of this to real life.

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