The Serenity System Outlined Sketch Picture

Soldiers of the Serenity System
(Reborn version of the Solar System, named after the last survivor of the Solar System, Cosmos’ daughter, Serene).

Inner Soldiers
The Inner soldiers are of the world Serenity and the four surrounding planets that orbit around a sun (much like ho our solar system works). They follow Serenity faithfully and treat her as if she is a Princess (though in this life, there is no royalty, just loyalty). They work together in order to keep the world alive and thriving so that their home can evolve and grow stronger.

Sailor Serenity
Element: Life, Light, Source of Power
Serene is the last true person of what was once the Solar System, having been recreated by her late mother, Sailor Cosmos when she returned and ended the battle of Chaos by using all the powers of the Solar System (from all lost soldiers to the planets themselves). As such, when everything began to rebuild itself, the Serenity System was created.

How Serene was able to survive the end of the Solar System is unknown. It is rumored that there is another source of power that relates to Serene who does not wield the Ginzuishou (having been supposedly destroyed with Cosmos). Her powers tie into the source of all, which means she can pull all the energy around her and be able to recreate anything, if she had enough energy gathered.

Sailor Tapos (Taa -pos)
Element: Magnetism, Metal
Name: Mea Tel
Tapos was a female deity who controlled the world with the power of Magnetism and kept the lands together by sheer force. She could manipulate metal in order to create things like homes and shields and bridges.

Mea is a trendy and smart girl who loves to act like a bitch on the outside but inside, she’s controlled and collected and powerful. She takes leadership when Serene cannot and refuses to back down from anything that supposedly creates fear.

Sailor Duyan (Duu - yan)
Element: Sound, Pressure
Name: Sonna Asure
Duyan was a male deity of the world who used the powers of the air and wind to create sound so that there would be a voice. He helped keep the lands down by pressure so that the world wouldn’t float away and be broken.

Sonna is a docile girl who is often silent and still. Very rarely will she get loud or angry. She holds herself tightly like a coil, however, and as a soldier, delivers that reserved power into both sound and pressure so that she can silence the enemy.

Sailor Oosa (Oh-sa)
Element: Photosynthesis
Name: Eartha Floura
Oosa was a female deity who created the foliage in order to give air to the world by using the power of the Sun. She was a forgiving and very giving deity who often was forgotten due to that she was often considered as behind the shadows.

Eartha is a very giving girl who is flirtatious, sweet, and would give her heart to anyone who asked. Ask her of anything and she will likely give it to you or find something else just as valuable to give. As such, she’s not leader material but a true follower who listens with loyalty and patience.

Sailor Chashi (Sa-shi)
Element: Lava, Earthquake
Name: Quall Lave
Chashi was a male deity who was always hidden and rarely seen. As such, few would talk of him. He had a habit of appearing around Tapos and would try to get her to release her hold (not malicious as Chashi was a mischievous deity who liked to trick people). But underneath that cheerful, sometimes foolish behavior is a fiery god whose wrath is felt hard.

Quall is a dual-personality. On one side, she’s loving and sweet and kind, on the other side, she’s violent, revengeful, and spiteful. These two sides will clash with each other and it is only by that her friends stand by her that she is able to be who she is without having to worry about herself. Her calm side is made stronger because of her friends and without them, comes out the angry, vicious side of her.

Outer Soldiers
The Outer Soldiers are not like what had been in the long ago past, where they remained hidden from their Princess. These are the soldiers who work in tangent with the Inner soldiers without actually joining them. They stand to protect the Inner Soldiers and keep darkness away by the powers that are given to them in order to sense any danger around them.

Sailor Fenade (Fey-na-de)
Element: Mind Control, Telepathy
Name: Fey Path
The female deity, Fenade, is one of the four hidden gods of Serenity lore. She had a way of being in the others’ minds without violating them and was the one who brought both comfort and despair, depending on that others’ actions. She was said to be so powerful, that she could keep the world together but chose not to, to give that task to Tapos instead so that her powers would go unused so that her influence would not warp the world.

Fey is a beautiful girl, a touch shallow, and one who loves to be around others no matter what. She often is considered naïve as she doesn’t always know that those she seeks around her may not be nice. Thankfully, her fellow soldiers protect her and help her learn to tell the difference between good and bad.

Sailor Swo (Sow-o)
Element: Force Field, Confusion
Name: Fuse Forte
Swo was a male deity who worked closely with Fenade, even so much as considering them either siblings or lovers, depending on what part of the world you come from. He doesn’t hide himself and is a vengeful deity who doesn’t forgive easily. As with Fenade, he is one of the four hidden gods (though he often breaks that rule).

Fuse is a very vibrant and lively girl who acts like a kid and treats the whole world as a game. She teases and taunts and ridicules what she doesn’t know or understand but it’s very hard to make her angry or upset as nothing every seems to stick on her. It’s like a puppy being yelled at as its tail wags, not understanding that it was being yelled at because it did something it shouldn’t have.

Sailor Eal (Eh-Al)
Element: Technopathy, Electricity
Name: Electra Surg
Eal was a female deity who created technology so that the people of the world could advance and adapt better to a harsh living environment. As such, she does not actually touch the earth but influence the people instead, unable to manipulate the world. As one of the hidden gods, she is one of the most unknown and misunderstood on Serenity.

Electra is a cool and collected person who reacts in the way she thinks other would want, not neccesarily as she would want. As such, who she is is a sort of a riddle who only reveals herself when she truly wants to.

Sailor Meone (Meow-ne)
Element: Power Attraction, Spirit Energy
Name: Spiral Tion
Meone was a female deity who drew others to her by the power of her spirit. She touched each living thing, be it plant, rock, or life, and gave it meaning to exist. She is one of the most powerful gods on Serenity and is the most loved because she is what gives meaning to life.

Spiral is a vicarious girl who enjoys a good romp, be it in bed or in life. As one of the oldest in the group, she is one of the most motherly, despite her playing ways with those she desires. Out of all of the Outer soldiers, she is the most loyal to both the planet Serenity and to Serene.

Force Soldiers
The soldiers of the force are those who touch the power of Cosmos and Chaos (the elements). They are those who protect both the Inner and Outer soldiers as well as the Serenity System itself by their combined powers. They remain hidden on Serenity and will only appear when they are needed.

Sailor Zanh (Zaa-nah)
Element: Power Absorption, Mimicry
Name: Unknown
The deity Zanh is genderless. It is a presentation of the element Cosmos who can take power from it and use it to do wondrous things that others are known to do. As such, it can take the powers of others for either her use or to take it away from those who abuse it.

Sailor Queo (Ke-o)
Element: Power Negation, Energy Drain
Name: Unknown
The deity Queo is also genderless, the presentation of the element Chaos. It cannot take power but it can wipe it away and drain its holder so that it can never have that power again. It uses the power of Chaos in order to create a new opening for a new life to hold whatever it was that it dispelled.

So here we have the basis of information plus mythology to boot. All of the deities are what is known on Serenity, there are no other versions (like how we have Greek, Roman, Norse, etc).
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