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Name: Alina Sage
Age: 15
Species: human
Height: 1.61m
Class Selections: science, astronomy, mythology, self defense arts, defense against the dark arts, runes, music, ancient speech
Dorm: Byaran House 6
House: Celestial
Items brought along: reading glasses, sun glasses, holy water, crossbow, silver stakes, knives, sword
Personality: When you first meet her she comes across as very mature and serious for her age. She is this, but mostly in battle. She does not like to be touched outside of battle and this can cause her to set off into a violent rage to the person that touched her. In a way she is a little naïve about things like relationships, romance and friendship wise. She plays the piano, she feels it calms her down. She is scared of lightning and thunder. She has already drunk a lot of alcohol even at such a young age, when she traveled alone but she never seems to get drunk. Her family was very religious in the past. Now the crosses just linger onto her clothing as a reminder where she comes from. She does not believe in God and she always refused to pray. The necklace around her neck she got from her uncle, who did believe in God. When she is seen holding the cross and talking, people often mistake it for talking to God. But she isn’t. She is talking to her uncle and asks for his advice. She finds it orders her thoughts.
History: Being born into a vampire hunter family, she was trained from a very young age in the species of vampires and different kind of weapons. She was always very close to her uncle Allen. He died during a vampire fight when she was eleven but not before teaching Alina that she should question everything that goes on in the family. And he thought her well. She immediately questioned the story about his death, though she did so silently. She was certain he could not have been killed by a single vampire, and where was his partner? She continued to be trained as a vampire hunter. As she was considered somewhat of a prodigy in the family she was soon allowed to go on small missions on her own, like recon or small assasinations. In one of those missions she found a deserted monastery full of vampires. They did not fight her and she was told there are other kind of vampires out there then the ones that only pray on humans. This confused her. But she decided to not take action and she did not tell her family. She did however keep a close eye out on them to see they did not take any humans lives. But they did not. They only fed on livestock.
On one mission with her eldest brother she was ordered to kill a child that was bitten by a vampire. She openly refused this and even protected the child from her brother. She then took the child to the monastery. The title of prodigy was soon dropped whenever her name was spoken and she became an outcast, not able to live at the main house of the family anymore. Contact with her parents and siblings came to a bare minimum. After she heard that the vampires of the monastery were massacred, she lost it. To what extent is unknown. She refuses to talk about it. After this she started to wander until she stumbled across a Baranthia teacher and was invited to the academy. During her wandering she has had some bad experiences with vampires who claimed not to drink human blood. It has made her resentful and unsure about her earlier decision.
Powers: She has poison immunity. Which means that her body can neutralize any poisons, detrimental contaminants. This also means that she can’t be changed by a vampire when he bites her. She also has enhanced vision. Which means that her eyesight is heightened. She has night vision (to see in the night without light), panoramic vision (to see all around oneself), telescopic vision (to see great distances), x-ray vision (to see through objects). This can make her eyes very sensitive during the day and that is why she needs her sunglasses.
She also seems to have heightened speed at moments when she is in trouble.
Fighting Style: Her user powers are more used for tracking vampires then for the actual fight with the vampire. She uses her ability with weapons a lot in fights. First she starts with long distance with her crossbow. Using her telescopic vision she can shoot from a great distance. She also has a great shot. When she gets in close range she uses her sword. As she doesn’t have to worry about getting bitten, she can be quite reckless. She takes any chance she gets to grab one of her knives/stakes that she has hidden all over her body. All of which are silver. She also has been trained on great endurance.
The sleeves of her top can be taken off for the fight when they are bothering her.
Weapon: Her main weapon for long range is her crossbow, shoots silver stakes from it. For close range is her sword.
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