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I fell in love with this horse's design, and had to either draw or write a story about him in order to finalize the adoption. I came up with a story, but found myself doodling him in Paint and went ahead and finished him! xP His colors made me think of Aurora Borealis, and I loved his antlers so I decided to take the mythical route once more!

(but first some quick-fix info about my characters who tie into Nightwish's story!)

Malice Striker: the Nidhoggr, a Norse ice dragon imprisoned within the underworld, breaks free and is exiled to earth in human form and without power in order to prevent her from causing the apocalypse.

Hati: one of two celestial wolves responsible for day and night on earth. He chases the moon while his brother Skoll chases the sun.

After Malice was exiled to Midgard, she was left without any friends or allies. While all the other celestials spat at her existence, one creature dared to reach out and stand beside her - Hati, the moon-chaser. Grateful for his friendship and guidance, she used a portion of her dissolving power to present to him a gift. Knowing how he envied his brother for ruling the day while he was left with quiet darkness, she created from her blood a creature who would bring immeasurable beauty to Hati's night sky.

The bagwyn (a horse-like creature with antlers) found refuge in the bitter cold of the north pole and began to dance across the sky, filling the darkness with light more beautiful than the sun itself. This dancing light became known as Aurora Borealis, and symbolizes the friendship between ice and darkness.

Everything but the background - [link] - was made by me.

Malice/Alice and Nightwish (c) ~SinfulFox
Hati and the Nidhoggr (c) old Norse myth

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