8 Kingdoms :: Kitt Picture

"Vulpes multacauda erectus"
"Ambitious and intelligent, the Kitt is a species with potential far greater than their small stature would imply. Kitts stand between 2’6’’ and 3’6’’. They bear some resemblance to foxes or cats, and have fur ranging in color from pale cream to brown to vermillion. There are also Kitts with black, silver, and gold fur, but though these are fairly rare. There are two prominent races of Kitt: Ghost light and Amber.

Ghostlights primarily occupy the Kingdom of the Lake, and are generally drabber in color. They are responsible for cultivating most of the food supplied to the Kingdoms of the Sun, and are currently in the midst an industrial revolution, introducing steam technology to their world. The other races are still somewhat leery, however, about this new technology.

Amber Kitts occupy the Kingdom of Fire, and tend to be brighter in coloration and may bear strange patterns in their fur. They are more magically inclined than the Ghostlights, and have a longstanding rivalry with the Naga of the Kingdom of Water. Many see the Ambers as a reckless lot. If the world were to explode tomorrow, the Amber Kitts would be the first to blame."


My first thorough piece of concept art. This is one of the races for 8 Kingdoms, a fantasy RPG/FPF (First-person Fighter) I'm trying to develop.
The game is based on Eastern, rather than the usual Western mythology.

Kitts, in particular, are based on the Japanese myths of the Kitsune and Bakeneko, and are meant to occupy the "Cute" racial archetype (the others are the Mundane, the Stout, the High Men, and the Fair Folk).
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