[Reference sheet] Terre d'Ombre, the dark elf Picture

Ok, it is time that I introduce you one of my new Oc.

Nb: the reference sheet is done in a simple way, with flat colors, and just a little shadow. It's not a WIP, it is a voluntary choice (you will see quite detailed works of him in the future). That said, let's go!

* Name: Terre d'Ombre
* Gender: Male (He/They)
* Sexual orientation: Demisexual (tends rather to asexual)
* Romantic orientation: Biromantic and Platonic (Never involved in a sexual relationship, sticks to kiss or hugs)
* Status: Single (Do not seek to attach to someone)
* Race: Black elf / Dark elf / Svartalfar
* Birth: ???
* Age: In appearance between 25 and 30 years (human age) / We do not know his real age (elf age)
* Location: Formerly Svartalfheim (Yggdrasil), currently somewhere in Europe.

* Interests:

- Art
- Horology (He is clocksmith)
- Travel

* Like:

- The Nature (in general), forests, mountains, lakes and waterfalls, and dark places (such as caves)
- Roses
- Dragons, wolves, dogs, ravens and owls
- Spring and Fall
- Night, sunset and rain
- Steampunk

* Dislike:

- Light elves (or High Elves)
- Humans in general
- Summer
- Prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat (his skin is sensitive, he makes sun allergies)
- Cliches
- Dramas
- Disrespectful, stupid, immature, stressful people or those who make him lose his time.
- Children

* Tolerates:

- A few humans he considers his friends.
- The Wood Elves

* Character:

- Mysterious, he may seem cold, distant and heartless at first.
- Do not like to reveal his true emotions and feelings (It is very difficult to interpret his expressions)
- Lonely and be free
- Strong character
- grumpy
- Procrastinator, but thoughtful, meticulous and organized.

* Characteristic features:

- Keen hearing (is able to hear sounds inaudible to human, and even ultrasonic)
- Excellent vision, very accurate
- Good vision at night or in dark places
- Excellent knowlege of Magic (is interested in any kind of magic, that of the dark elves, wood elves, the magic of the elements ...)
- Prefer rather listen than talk

* Weapons of choice:

- Bow and arrows
- Sword

* Historically:

The Dark Elves were a persecuted people and chased by the light elves (who thought that black elves were indignant to belong to the race of Elves). They lived hidden in dark places, sheltered from view; before living in their own world (Svartalfheim), far from all. Due to this story, Terre d'Ombre has retained a rancor against the light elves, although nowadays the two peoples live in peace, but they will never forget the wounds of the past.

* Trivia:

It is not known if Terre d'Ombre had any Wood Elves in his family, because he has some features that are unique to this breed, such as:
- He is very close to nature
- He can speak and understand animals (real and fantasy). He created a telepathic link between him and the animal, thanks to the magic of the Wood Elves.
- He can feel what feels vegetables, plants, soil, water, etc ... and know the state of nature (if it is polluted, if a tree is sick, etc ...) thanks to a magic touch. This power is double-edged, because as Terre d'Ombre feels what the nature has, he can suffer enormously, depending on the severity of the situation.

The race of dark elves is deemed aggressive and violent which is not really Terre d'Ombre's case, who acts rarely aggressively and never uses senseless violence (especially when it is not necessary!). For cons, the Dark Elves have a very strict code of honor, and Terre d'Ombre is rather proud of and it takes him to heart. He can not stand when it is violated.

Digital work
created in July / August 2016

Art, Character and his story (C) BlackDragon07
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