Cerin Iremia Picture

Name: Cerin Iremia
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
162 cm/5'3 feet/63,77 inches
67 kg/147.70 lbs
Oneiroi, a dream-daimon from greec mythology (more about them below)


-To enter a person’s dream while they are asleep and alter it. (most of the time he just uses this to tweak nightmares so they'll get less scary).

-His Oneiroi-form has big black wings, so if course he can fly, but only at night.

-Since oneroi doesn't really belong to this world he has to travel to the world next to the gods' realm to get home. And dreams pass through that doorway every night, so it is a quite easy path to open for those like him.

-In order to deliver dreams to people an oneiroi has to be able to enter the room they sleep in. So turning into a thick black smoke Cerin can pass through the smallest of cracks in walls, doorframes and windows (again, of course, only at night. And he can not pass through solid matters like a ghost). He also loves (and almost abuses) his ability to cling to walls and climb on almost any surface.

-He is starting to learn sleep-spells to make people fall asleep, but hasn't really managed to master it yet.

-NOTE; since he is a creature of the night and so young he only has powers once the sun is gone. He can't do a thing in pure sunlight, then he is practically human and stuck in the dark-skinned wing-less form. He is still pretty agile and has a great sense of balance, but that is pretty much it.

Older oneiroi can alter things like daydreams or what people see when they nap (how else would people dream in the lands of the midnight-sun?), but Cerin has years to go before he's ready to even try that.

Sexual Preference: Anyone he finds interesting at the moment really.

Quote: “Sweet dreams darling, I'll see you in the morning.”


Cerin is, to put it lightly, a tad bit odd. He always appears to be happy, smiling about all and nothing (and if there really is nothing to smile about he'll try to make something up). If he hasn't patted, hugged, or complimented you upon your first meeting you really were invisible (or scared him to silence). The only ones he ever grow to dislike are people who can't laugh about anything, won't let him touch them, or get mad when he tries to be happy. Or the ones who ask personal questions. Even with all the happy smiles, he'd rather stay silent than tell too much about himself.

Since it is more natural for him to be up at night he has a real problem staying awake during the day (especially if they turns out to be a boring one), and he seems to have been gifted with the odd ability to sleep anywhere. Even when he's awake he always seem to be somewhat sleepy, and most of the time influence others to be the same; his voice is natrually soft and almost hoarse, as if he's always half-whispering. His way of moving is smooth and gentle, as if made to be hypnotising.

He loves to observe others, and can most of the time be found simply sitting next to someone and watch them, unaware that some might dislike it. He doesn't ask questions or try to help, just stare...

Since he is a dream-daimon he is more used to dream-logic than common sense, and he really can't hold the two apart. He sees no reason to why you should walk properly, sit on a chair and eat healthy food when you can do just about anything else instead! Let's fill the hallways with soapbubbles and hang mistletoes in every doorway! Let's dance on the roof and sing to the stars!


Night guard at the hospital (where he can also take time to make sure everyone is sleeping well with sweet dreams)


Raised by his beloved parents Chelal and Lailie in the safe darkness of the dreamlands beyond the ivory gate along with all his other siblings, Cerin never got to see much of the world until he was ready to do what all of his kind does; bring the dreams to the human world. But unlike most of his kind he didn't settle for this, no Cerin was a bit greedier than that. He wanted to see more of the world outside than dreams when everyone else was asleep; he wanted to get to see people, talk to them, get to know them, understand them. His parents however knew that this was probably not the best idea, and instead made sure he found his way to places where he could get to know other odd creatures, and interact with others more like his own kind (since they knew him enough to know he could get lost anywhere in the human world, get seen, captured or even killed, and only have an 'Ooops' to say about it if they let him stay there on his own!)


+Baggy clothes (Cerin loves his clothes big and comfy (and would most likely walk around in pajamas all day if he could), and he will gladly 'borrow' sweaters and jackets from anyone bigger than himself.)
+Sleeping in (since he is naturally up at night and sleep during the day)
+Cute, fluffy, sweet stuff (people, animals or objects; anything is great! As long as they’re not faking it to get attention…)
+To climb on stuff, and then watch the world from above (needless to say he loves to fly whenever he can as well)
+Love-games (anything from Truth or Dare to bondage; he’s all for it! You have to try everything at least once!)


-Dreamcatches. (They’re just plain creepy in his opinion, and he hasn't dared to try to see if he would get stuck in one or not.)
-Really sour stuff (be it lemons or people)
-Being lonely
-Getting locked up (the moment he realizes he can’t get out of a room whenever he’s pleased, he panics)
-Tears and depression (he has no idea how to deal with sadness, and will almost start to cry himself if he can’t help a friend who needs it)

Additional Information:

-the Iremia-family concists of Chelal the father, Lailie the mother, and in birthorder; Kishi, Ratri, Yiska, Chevi, Cerin, Gau and Atheer, all brothers.

-He comes from an old culture, and his family kept the old traditions, so whenever he comes across a creature more powerful than himself he will of course treat them with unusual respect and be quite tense around them.

-Something worth pointing out is that a daimon and a demon is not the same thing, though they sound pretty similar. Daimon is a word used to describe spirits and forces of nature, the latin version of a Greek word meaning “godlike power/fate”. They’re not exactly gods, but of the same nature, and has been called similar to both ghosts and spirit guides.

The promised facts about Oneiroi;

According to Hesiod all Oneiroi were the children of Nox (the night itself), and their name litterally mean 'dream'. They were the brothers of Hypnos (sleep), Thanatos (death), and Geras (old age).

Cicero agrees with Hesiod, and also claims that their father were Erebus (Darkness).

Ovid however disagrees and clams them to be Hypnos' sons, not brothers, and he even names three of them, which are quite famous even today; Morpheus, who presents human images in dreams, and can shapeshift himself (and who has later been called the god of dreams, and who in early tales deliver dreams to kings to grant them messages from the gods (Agamemnon, in the Illiad, being one of them)), Phobetor who creates dreams of beast and other horrors (of course making him the nightmare-maker), and lastly Phantasos, who creates images of rocks, trees and surroundings (he is the one who makes dreams surreal).

All Oneiroi live in a land called Erebos, beyond all oceanstreams and the rising sun, quite close to Hades' world where the spirits of the dead are led. When entering the human world the dreams pass through one of two gates; one made of ivory and one of horn. The dreams who pass through the ivory gate are the pointless ones not comming true (in greek the world for “ivory” is the same as the one for “deceive”), while the ones who pass through the horn-gate are the true dreams, based on actual events (and of course this is also a word-play as “horn” and “fulfil” is the same word in greek). They were discribed as emerging every night like a huge flock of bats.

Like many other things from this ancient culture, traces of the Oneiroi still float around these days, giving meanings to new words;

Oneirology is the scentific study of dreams, and oneironautics is the idea of dreamtravelling (people doing it are called oneironauts).They interact with the dream of another person (if you've seen the movie Paprika you'll know what I mean, it's enough to watch the opening scene to get a fair idea of it). Oneiromancy is divination based on dreams.

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