Legend of the 3rd Sun Picture

I did this as part of a school project last year, and figured it was finally time to put this 'little' number up here. The assignment was to do a narrative of an old legend or tale. Of course, me being me, I went with the Aztec Legend of the Third Sun.

In the Third World, the rain god Tlaloc was given the task of being the Sun God as well. Not a bad plan, in all honesty. Except for the fact that he was married to the goddess of love, Xochiquetzal. Love goddesses tend to do whatever - and whomever - they want, and it wasn't long before the night god Tezcatlipoca managed to seduce her. They run off, and Tlaloc isn't able to handle it well. When the people pray to him for rain, he flips out on them and burns the world down in a rain of fire. After the third apocalypse, Tlaloc's sun god rights are revoked and given to his second wife.

While making this, it also occurred to me that Danny Trejo would probably be able to act as a fairly good Tlaloc. But I don't think that an occurrence for that would ever happen.

I'd also like to thank the dA artist Mytforskare, as her comics served as inspiration for this project. Also, she's got a good head for the depictions of the Aztec Pantheon.
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