Apollo of the Sun and Archery Picture

This is Apollo, it took me AGES.

Anyway, Apollo is the God of the sun and of archery (And loadsa other stuff too).

I spent quite a lot of time on the colouring of Apollo himself. I also decided to show his connection with the sun by giving him the sun for his eyes. And well he's got a bow.

As usual I think I let myself down when it came to the background but...alas I cannot do backgrounds.

Anyway I used quite a number of references for this:

1.Discriptions of Apollo
2.Pictures and Statues of Apollo
3.Legolas of Lord of The Rings (Well they are almost the same person only one's a god and the others an elf)
4.The Scorpion King (Don't ask)
5.Tennis player Jan-Michael Gambill
and finally my own head.
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