Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Picture

Redraw of Inktober 31: Yarilo , where I first drew Mitya as Yarilo (this old version was really rushed, since it was an Inktober piece and October was a busy month, ugh. Now I feel like scrapping 90% of my Inktober stuff since they all look so crappy).

There are some issues with the placement of his hand and his jaw (ugh, I always have so many issues with chins and jaws), but overall, I'm happy with this one. There's only one more hour until 2016 as I'm writing this and I wanted to get this (and the other picture of Yuriy) done before 2016 came.

Yarilo is a pagan Slavic god of springtime, fertility and vegetation. I compared Mitya to Yarilo before because the positivity that he brought to Yuriy's life (from Yuriy's point of view anyways--whether this is really the case is debatable, as is with many things in the series). Apparently, when Yarilo betrays his wife, she (or her father Perun or her brothers) kill him in revenge, his death becomes a kind of ritual sacrifice. Morana, his wife, then uses his body to build herself a new house. Without him, she becomes an frustrated old hag and this results in winter. Eventually, she dies and at the beginning of the new year, she and Yarilo are born again, and fall in love and the whole thing starts again.

Can Yuriy ever start again after Mitya's death?

Media: Watercolour and pencil in Moleskine.

Who is this: Mitya is from my original series, Basmachi, which can be read/seen in my gallery.
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