Tabby Cat's Plan Picture

At the summit of one of the Appalachian Mountain peaks there lives a friend of Tabby Cat, Threeface Treeface. Threeface Treeface is a very wise tree, and for three reasons.

First, it is a very old tree, and has lived many years. Second, its faces see the world from way up high, on the tallest mountain around. And third, and maybe most important, Threeface Treeface sees the world in three different ways: a different way for each face.

Today, Tabby Cat has many questions for Treeface. Tabby is planning something dangerous, and he is talking to all of his friends about it, to see what they have to say.

"Yes," said the Upface, "it is worth trying."
"No," said the Downface, "it is useless to try."
The Middleface listened to what Tabby Cat had to say, but did not speak.

Tabby smiled. He had heard all that he needed.

"I love you, Threeface Treeface," Tabby said, "We shall meet again."

"Always," said the Upface.
"Never," said the Downface.
The Middleface just looked beyond Tabby Cat, into the heart of the Sun, and maybe even, a little further than that.

Tabby Cat walked back down the mountain.
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