the Council of the Realm Picture

For a not-quite-au about Asgardian politics. Naturally there's a big bunch of elder wise men, page boys and other politically involved people too, but let's just call these six the most important assholes leading members of Asgard's riksrådet, Council of the Realm, respectively named after the historical Swedish King's council. Thor and Odin as the crown prince and the king hold higher positions that any of these fellows, but that's not important right now.
Forseti's clothes are based on some Thor concept art for councilmen, Tyr's naturally on the einherjar of the movies. Others are my own designs.

Theyre roughly arranged from left to right as in political/ideological left and right. Also Baldr and Loki being the youngest two in the group ended up at the edges when older Tyr is standing in the middle.
Baldr is a young, liberal, rather democratic lad (on an Asgardian scale). He likes everyone and has in turn always been well-liked and he supports equal rights and basic support for nearly all Asgard's citizens. He frequently meets up with ordinary folk and voices his political opinions based on these conversations. He is the second secretary of the council and that makes him Loki's colleague. Loki once almost killed him, nevermind it being an 'accident', and they don't really get along that well because Loki has never liked him at all. Baldr tries though, and luckily he can stand his ground in addition to being very civil when needed.
Freyr may not seem like a politician with his sun-like appearance and nonchalant attitude, but don't let the looks fool you - as the son of Vanaheim's ruler and as the lord of Alfheim he holds a very important position in Asgards foreign politics. He's also really rich. And really good-looking, at least in his own mind. And really easy to be jealous of Loki I'm looking at you. Even with his aristocratic background Freyr hopes for more liberal politics and voting, with equal rights for elves and vanir too. His ideology might be a sort of liberal democratic nationalism, so to say.
Forseti is the chairman of the council as he is also called the god of law and order. He has a high position with Asgard's court of law and is generally a well-liked politician. He doesn't really force his own opinions forward so much as only tries to keep others' legal and in check. Sometimes, when politics turn into a real fistfight, he wishes he had chosen another career instead. Nevertheless he is the one to present council's decisions and accept complaints form the citizens. He keeps in touch with Odin at all times.
Tyr is a popular politician among the crowd, mainly because of his status as the leading commander of Einherjar - majority of Asgard's men belong to the army after all. This makes his job both easy and difficult as there will always be someone to support his words, but he also has to be really careful to keep people on his side. He believes firmly in the stability of monarchy and is a somewhat conservative and militant man. Aside from occassional hot-headedness he is a wise and experienced politician and knows when to compromise, and he acts as the vice-chairman in case Forseti is unable to make it to every meeting.
Bragi, the god of poetry, is another case of 'what on earth is that man doing in here', but he is the voice of regular folk. He firmly believes in old ways and traditions, Asgard's need to hold its power securely and the 'fact' that æsir are the higher people compared to everyone else. He is a skilled politician as in he is an eager populist of many words and practically a one-man opposition to every single proposition someone makes. He also takes things to a very very personal level. No one really likes him and on more than one occassion he is the reason to the council's problems. He is a very good singer though.
Loki is... well... Loki. A right-hand politician if there ever was one. He is a man raised to be an adamant supporter of monarchy and even autocracy, a harsh non-socialist nationalist xenophobe, and on top of that perhaps the most cunning diplomat you'll ever meet. These features are somewhat countered by the facts that a) he is not exactly a second-in-line to the throne anymore, b) he has had to spend a few years in Jötunheim and come to terms with the fact that he actually is a frost giant, and c) he tends to be very easily provoked into verbal or physical fights - mainly with Bragi. He is still the head secretary of the council.

Woah that was a lot of text.
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