Xibalba Unleashed Picture


This is of course, “the bookend art” to THE THESIS OF INDETERMINATE DISEASE! This is art that I worked on after a horrible Christmas of 2015! Right after my computer went down for a week!

Well, if the first piece took you into the “future” of blood! Then this one is about the “past” of blood and Mesoamerica!

Really, this piece is about things like Aztecs and Mayans! Things like blood sacrifices and deities puking out souls! Quetzalcoatl the serpent deity and the fifth sun overhead! Then there is MORE DETIES....Like a few female celestial gods overhead of the blood suffering down below.

And then it shows this slave worshiper carrying a heavy burden. That burden being this golden-type Mesoamerican sun wheel that is made our of heavy rock and gold! Like the person is almost breaking his back carrying this heavy weight into Xibalba.

This art took me about 6 1/2 days to do after I got my computer stuff taken care of! I think this art is about PHYSICAL PAIN and SUFFERING!! Both in the spiritual and the Earthly!

My very first art piece of 2016! And rather prophetic, in certain ways! Like the parallel between the future and the past of blood!

Really, what is cool about the 2 “Bookends Of Blood” pieces is that they are INTERCHANGEABLE!!

It starts out with past events, leading up to the future times! But SUFFERING is carried out throughout time and space itself! You are born, and then you are dead! It's that CRUEL LESSON of the eternal parallels of both living and dying.

Well, anyway, AS ALWAYS....I do hope you like this art that I did! I do appreciate it!

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