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Before anyone asks, he's not a Technorganic. This bad boy is alll metal, ladies. I know I might be taking a bit of a risk with a dragon alternate mode, but hear me out. He didn't scan it from nature or wherever. He studied the mythical beasts of the human world, having heard quite a lot about their myths. He put an appearance together by studying Earth's animals whose features he found appealing. The carapace of his skull is actually based off a dinosaur, Dracorex hogwartsia. Yes, that's a real dinosaur. Google it if you're doubtful. So, after gathering together an appearance, he took it to a frame-maker and now you have him in all his handsome draconic glory. Tell me if there are any holes in my explanation.

Oh, you have no idea how much I love-love-looove that optic detail. I'm just so proud of this whole thing, really.

TF OC Scipio

If you see *s expect more information listed at the bottom.

Name: Scipio

Optic color: dark blue pupils, blue irises, black scleras

Function: Guardian

Subroutine function:

Appearance: Knightly with a dash of dragony flair.


Height:45 feet

Allegiance: Decepticon

Alternate mode: Western dragon*

Weapons: Fire breath, the usual sharp dragony-bits, and a collapsible spear he hangs on his belt.

Backstory: Scipio came from a noble family. At one time his life, Scipio was an Autobot, having trained at the Autobot Academy. His father bribed all the right people to get him a prime spot in the best Autobot Academy on Cybertron. That's far behind him, now. With the complete reformatting** of his body to gain his draconic alternate mode, he abandoned his old life and stepped into the life of a proud Decepticon warrior. The reformatting wasn't the first step on the way to his becoming a Decepticon, however. In fact, it was far from it. He'd been spying for Megatron for years before he decided spying wasn't his gift and truly joined the side of the dark warlord. To avoid any messy conflicts over him between Autobot and Decepticon, he faked his own death.

Personality: However, he hasn't become a complete monster just because his alternate mode has been changed to a mythical walking flame-thrower. He's more often "white knight" than "Fiery dragon" in mannerisms. He's respectful and honorable in almost any situation. But this doesn't make him exactly friendly. On the dark side, he's greedy, volatile and at his very core hides a power-obsessed sadist. He took an entirely new frame to achieve the perceived power accompanying a dragon alternate mode. Like fish and girls he loves glittery, sparkly, shiny things. He often has a supercilious attitude. It's been said his alternate mode fits him better that he's willing to admit. These traits didn't come with the alternate mode, however. He's always been this way. Scipio's aforementioned privileged background gave him impeccable manners and eloquence. He uses these skills to gain many friends. However, he has no true close friends. The mech his friends may know is far from the mech he is. They see a facade; a layer of masks he's built up to hide his real self.

Character flaws:
A Liar, almost to the point of compulsion at times. But not about his actions; he lies about who he is and was.
Fiery temper

He's fast and flexible
Powerful legs give him excellent kicking and jumping ability
Doesn't burn easily
Excels at climbing
Heavy horns and thick skull allow him superior ramming power in his alternate mode.

Wings are incredibly sensitive
Cannot swim at all. He looks ridiculous when he tries, too.
His fire can be disabled two ways. The first is just by cutting his rations to the absolute minimum. His body purifies extra energon into a(more) flammable fuel and stores it in a tank in his chest for later use. Alternately, there's a "sparking" mechanism in his throat he uses to start the flame. That can be disabled by a skilled medical professional.
His belly in his alternate mode, like all dragons, isn't as tough as his other scales.
His scales, being flat, aren't completely bulletproof. In certain positions the bullet will ricochet, but it will still do damage. A high enough caliber will punch a hole in them with ease.
His thick neck, wide horns, and broad shoulders handicap him in smaller spaces in his alternate mode.

Human mythology
Energon goodies
Personal space
Basking in the sun
Classical music; especially cello, piano and violin pieces
Hoarding shiny trinkets
Napping in dragon mode

Fools; if he calls you a fool, there's a very good chance he hates you.
Nosy people
Overly friendly people; he's suspicious of them.
Being ridden or asked to be ridden

"No, you may not ride me. I am not a common equine!"
"How nice. Now go away."
"Why are you staring like that? Haven't you ever seen a reptile before?"
"I find your company delightful. Care to accompany me for lunch?"

He's not too clear on the fact that, unlike him, not everybody has ulterior motives.
Calls all femmes "Ma'am" or "Miss" whether he likes them or not. So, ladies, don't think he's even vaguely interested in you just because he calls you either of those.
If, somehow, someone finds out about his previous occupation and he's confronted about it, he'll deny it with all he's worth. He hates that old life.
His alternate mode has a double row of teeth. The outer set is normal, the inner set is shark-like. If a front tooth breaks or gets too old and falls out, it will be replaced by another one from the back, and a waiting replacement will grow in behind it.
He speaks with a distinct Cajun accent.
Scipio snores and doesn't know it--or just denies it with a passion.
*Yes, I'm aware this could have a high possibility for total stupidity, but hear me out before you click that red x or back button.
**It is my fanonical opinion that "reformatting" in the Transformers universe means "Transferring of a Spark and Spark chamber from an old, severely injured or unwanted frame into a new one."
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