Fomorian WIP Picture

The Fomorians are one of the seven races to settle Ireland in the old myths, monstrous creatures led by a monster named Balor of the Evil Eye, a cyclopean Fomorian with a single eye, the gaze of which was a seriously deadly weapon. Fortunately for the Tuatha de Dannan, the gods of old Ireland, his eyelid was so heavy it took three of his warriors to lift it for him. Eventually the Tuatha were victorious, when Lugh Lumhfada (the sun god) pierced Balor's eye in battle, an event commemorated at the winter solstice, when the light starts to regain dominance over the night. The vanquished Fomorians fled to the small island of Tory (even now known as Toraigh - Raider in Gaelic, whence we get the nickname for the UK's Conservative party).

The Fomorians have been carried over into the mythology of The Time of Tribes, where they are monstrous aquatic/amphibian creatures, described as Cthuloid and alien. From their seat of power in the north they send forth invading hordes of Borach upon the lands of the Tuatha, the tribes forced to unite against them to repel them. This is a first draft image of the Fomori for approval by the exec, before I detail any such creature in the marginalia of the maps...

Original size (virtual) 250x300mm.

Photoshop 5.0 LE and since most people seem to mention their tablet as well, a Trust TB-4200 (it can take a C4 sheet under its apron, which is useful for me as I have a nasty habit of doodling on whatever comes to hand amd C4's a common envelope size for trade catalogues etc...).

Finally, my thanks to *henning and *Cyzra for their help with getting photoshop to behave as I want it to through their various tutorials...
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