The Forces of Sun and Moon Picture

For a roleplay site... the meaning is like really complicated, but I have nothing better to do. Oh, and for the fifty millionth time: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY SCANNER? djfshjdfgdfghdfghdgdfg. HGdhgfshjdfsdg. Hhdfdwy. :3

ANNNNNNNNNNNNYWAY, it's for my rp site, and it's the too 'gods' if you'd like, currentyly nameless. One is the force of good/white/sun/whatever, and the other evilness/black/moon whateva. And they have two stes of twins, and then there's naughty mythological twincest and blah blah blah so becomes the world.
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I need a hug. ;-;
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