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For those on gaiaonline (www.gaiaonline.com), and who frequent the breedables sub-forum...you've probably heard of the fa'e. After finishing my entry for the writing contest, I was doodling in class one day, and ended up with what may be one of my fave pics EVER of the fa'e that I'm hoping to one day see created. BUT, that's no sure thing--so I may update this to take out all this info later, since it may end up a moot point, anyway. XD. Because this awesome pet idea wasn't my own, I want to credit Anya for that...anyway, the main thread for them is:


there^. However, although this character that I drew is one I'm hoping to see realized through Anya's genius (and talent), he's still my character, and so I didn't think this should go in fanart.
For those interested, since I've already sent my entry in, here's Ahearn's backstory/mythological origin/etc:

Name: Ahearn

Meaning of the Name: Ahearn means "Lord of the Horses" in Celtic.

Gender: Male


It's said that in the seas and lochs of the Scottish Highlands, there once lived a wicked, deceptive creature known as the Each Uisge. Like his cousin, the Kelpie, he was able to shapeshift, and most commonly appeared before men as a sleek, graceful horse, or as a handsome man. His favorite brand of deadly trickery was to stand by the shore, or that of a deep loch, disguised as a horse. There, he blatantly invited any hapless passerby to clambor onto his sleek back. As soon as the person in question had mounted, he took off into the water. His skin, which was possessing of a powerful adhesive, made it practically impossible for the unfortunate human to get free. Unlike his less-harmful relatives, once he'd dragged his victim into the depths, he tore them to shreds, eating everything except for the liver. Of course, that didn't mean that he was above eating a stray cow, or even a sheep that wandered too close. His human victims, for the most part, were the occasional ambitious young men who ventured to the lochs in search of the Each Uisge's mythical bridle, for it was said that if one could find it, one could collect a favor from the powerful creature.

One fine autumn's day, an innocent maid wandered farther from the limits of her father's small homestead than she should have. She came upon a beautiful steed standing beside the sparkling still waters of a sea loch. The stallion tossed his head and pawed at the ground invitingly upon seeing her, an action that sent his inky-black mane fluttering softly in the crisp air. Her eyes rounded as she took stock of his sparkling eyes, marvelling at how the silver, blue-rimmed orbs were framed so beautifully by its pale grey coat, tinged with the slightest hint of blue. It looked smoother than the finest silk, and the urge to run her fingertips over it was overwhelming.

She approached the stallion slowly, not wanting to spook the beautiful creature. However, she was pleased to notice that he didn't seem to fear her, for instead of fleeing off into the brush, he stood his ground, tilting his head slightly to the side and just staring at her. When she got close enough to almost touch him, she slowly raised one hand, extending her fingertips towards his satiny nose and holding her breath. She could hardly believe how magnificent he looked from this close proximity.

When he butted his nose up against her quivering hand, she gasped. If possible, the stallion's nose was even smoother than it had appeared, leaving her utterly bewitched. She stepped still closer, running her hand first along the horse's cheek, and then his elegantly muscled neck, notiing idly that there were water weeds tangled in his mane. Entranced by the seemingly tame stallion's glossy coat, she paid no mind to the calculating gleam in the horse's eye. When she stood directly beside him, and he shifted towards her invitingly, it seemed too tempting to not swing her leg up and over him. No sooner had her bottom touched his silky back than he was moving, sharp, menacing teeth sprouting from his mouth as he bolted for the nearby loch, and she realized that she couldn't pull herself from his back. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed piteously for her father to save her until she was dragged underwater.

When her father, the local blacksmith, arrived mere moments later, all was still in the loch once more. He continued searching for her until it got too dark for him to see, at which time he left, vowing to renew his search the following morning.

As the sun was just rising in the sky the blacksmith returned to the loch with his eldest son in tow, determined to find some sort of indication as to what had happened to his daughter. As he approached the shoreline, he blanched, sinking to his knees. Bending, he picked up the small lump of cold flesh, knowing with a chill sense of certainty that it was all that he'd ever find of his daughter. Turning it over in his hand, he smiled darkly when he realized just what organ it was that had found its way back to the shoreline. Now he knew exactly what he was dealing with. Straightening, he didn't even bother to wipe away the sharply glittering tears that still clung to his eyelashes as he called his son to him, making a silent vow to claim the life of the Each Uisge who had stolen his beloved daughter from him.

The next day, the blacksmith and his son began building a forge, working day and night until it was finished. The minute it was completed, they used it to forge massive hooks of iron, and made them glow red with heat. As soon as they were ready, they brought forward a sheep, slitting its throat and spitting it with a merciless efficiency. As the smell of the roasting sheep wafted up into the air, the sun was just rising, bathing the loch in the same pale light that it had the day he'd first discovered his daughter's liver on the beach. As the carcass cooked, a mist formed over the surface of the water, and from it emerged the Each Uisge, looking like an overgrown, unkempt version of the stallion that had led the fair maid to her doom. When it seized the sheep, the blacksmith and his son leapt upon it with the massive hooks, killing it within seconds. As the Each Uisge rasped his final breath, there was not a shred of pity in the older man's steely gaze. The man left the body on the shoreline, and when he returned the following morning, there was nothing left but a heap of star-shine*.

*Star-shine=according to my references, the definition of it is as follows: "Star-shine is a jelly-like substance found on the shore, probably the remnants of stranded jellyfish, but supposed by the Highlanders to be all that is left of a fallen star."









Seemingly harmless enough at first meeting, Ahearn is quite vain, especially in relation to his appearance. He knows he's good looking, and doesn't care who knows, having no qualms when it comes to seduction and manipulation. Because of this, he's also easy to annoy or irritate. Nothing infuriates him faster than being seen at something other than his best. He also doesn't tolerate what he sees as being stupidity very well, and it can be said that his loyalties are shallow, for the most part. He wouldn't have any problem watching most of the people he knows be ripped to shreds; secretly, he wouldn't even mind playing the part of the one doing it. Needless to say, he's very in tune with his darker cravings, for all that they may not be instantly apparant to those who meet him.

Even as a child, Ahearn could detect liver a mile away, and avoided it like the plague. When water's thrown into the equation, he gets quite exciteable, and if there's meat cooking nearby, he goes into a panicked frenzy. Mercifully, he hasn't shown any great desire to devour people, at those times. He's far stronger than he looks, his slender, graceful hands quite capable of tearing all sorts of things apart, from furniture to comfortors.

Like the seas from which he came, he can be quite moody. Often, when the urge strikes him, he takes on his equine form and disappears for hours or days at a time, after which he'll reappear and act as if nothing's happened.

sketched in BIC pen, and tidied up/made spiffy in photoshop
Ahearn (c) Me
Fa'e (c) Anya <3.
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