I Look to the Sky Picture

"I turn to the sky wondering where you are
Wondering where you are
I wonder if we look upon the same star
The same star"
Yosha! Yata! I finally did it! Awesome! I've been meaning and longing to draw--any kind of thing--a picture of the wolf embodiment of the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu from the cult-classic manga-like video game "Okami". I considered a portrait. Because of a part of the game, I thought of something along the lines of Dead by April's "Same Star. I love that song.
I feel accomplished with this. I finally began with my New Year resolution. With my art, I decided that I'm done with the Crayola things and all the cheap stuff. No more washable ink and no more wax. Big thanks goes out to my big brother. I finally started using the presents he got me for Christmas. I drew in a sketch book, the pages of a medium surface.
How to proceed with what I had in mind: I wanted some help. That was where I studied a picture of Amaterasu in a book of the complete artworks of the video game, which I bought last year. I tried hard to give some resemblance. The leaping position seemed appropriate. It's deliberate that I left out her reflector, doubting that she'd need it. To ensure that I was done with the cheap stuff, I limited my selection to pencils. Another liberty I took is that her eye is yellow, for the natural feature of a wolf.
I did eleven--no joke--practice runs before I chose to make it final, which was on the afternoon of 27 Feb, 2016. It was about half an hour after I got back from my Saturday lunch. A few pencil lines were erased before black-lining. The ink is of only a fine-point pen for the brush like features. All coloured with Prismacolor pencil crayons--which is of fine hard lead--and watercolour pencils, thinking it'd be appropriate. Listening to Epica: The Quantum Enigma, I spent about 64 minutes making this, start-to-finish.
Adding this to your favourites or your collections means nothing to me. Please, give me your thoughts on this. Don't hesitate to say what I could improve on. Even though my colouring is still crude, I feel proud of this and is the first thing I put in my portfolio (thanks again, Brother).
You steal this, you die.
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