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my new character, Malina, for a vamp story i'm creating. she's black (Haitian), Korean, & Inuit. c:
(Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj were somewhat my muse for her.. only cause i was watching Pretty Hurts, Pills N Potion, & Anaconda).
Malina is a 5000+ yr old vampire, she was turned in her 20s. she's also asexual (like me!).
Malina and her mother were Haitian wickens, heavily into Haitian voodoo, ever since she was a little girl. rarely (not even once in a blue moon) would they use voodoo to put curses on anyone. they did more white magic. that is, until Malina got to the age of 16. she got more into black magic.
(i'll figure the rest of her background out when i think more about it).
so pretty much, she was the 6th vampire ever turned.
i think i'll make her story start off in modern Black Eagle, Montana. Malina has found that she's most comfortable in this part of the US. not her favorite place in the world, but it is her fav in the US. she has 2 current best friends. Anahí "Ana (Ah-nah)", a demisexual/lesbian werewolf friend of 5 years who is Native American and African American. She's currently 26. Next is Vanessa Celedonia Thresa, a cist/demisexual shapeshifter/wicken friend of 5 yrs who is Bolivian, Mexican, and Ecuadorian. She is also 26. These two lovely ladies are always with her (mainly cause they all live together in a house). the journey begins after Malina has turned a willing, female human. a fresh underling of only a few days old, Lakmini "Lahk-mini" Samadara "Sah-mah-dah-rah" ("Laki is what Malina likes to call her [a cist/heterosexual human who is Brazilian and Sri Lankan]), was chosen by Malina for no "special" reason. Laki is not "the chosen one", the "one", or "the vampire savior everyone's been waiting for". She's so average it's funny. really, Malina just genuinely likes her. She enjoys her company greatly, and would like for her to be around her for more centuries to come. She also likes her face. Along with her friends and new underling, she has 5 of her 60 remaining underlings (she's turned somewhat over 100 over the past 5000+ yrs) still close by. She stays in contact with the other 55, talking here and there. Aatif Thamir (her oldest underling of 4000+ yrs), is a cist/heterosexual Morrocan. He was also turned in his early 20s. Her 5th underling of 3000+ yrs is Nesuha "Nesi" Sadora Tenanya, a cist/heterosexual Ethiopian. She was turned in her late 20s. Zuko Abian, one of her male underlings of 2000+ yrs who is an asexual Filipino. He was turned in his 30s. Caliel Dreik is her demisxual, male underling of 3000+ years who is White/Spaniard. He was turned in his mid-20s. Rose Yemine is a bisexual female underling of 200+ years (her last underling before Laki). She's Tunisian and was turned in her late 20s. Each once of them live nearby to stand as "security". Less for Malina, more for themselves. She doesn't like the whole "body guard" idea, but they just enjoy being nearby and being by her side whenever need be. They all tend to get along for the most part. Nesi and Caliel tend to argue a lot. That's only because Caliel's an absolute asshole, and Nesi calls him out on his bullshit. To be clear, Malina has never had a sexual relationship with any of her underlings. She's had a romantic relationship with Aatif and Caliel. Aatif ended with him sleeping with another woman, out of spite (that will be explained another time). Caliel was just completely unbearable person to be with. Don't get me wrong, it last for almost 30 centuries (i could've just said 3000 yrs lulz) but she just had to end it. Recently, she has been putting him in his rightful place and has had thoughts of being with him again. Little does he know though. He constantly tries to please and over achieve for her, longing for the same attention and affection she gave him, but she gives him no more than she gives the others. They probably won't have a relationship again. idk. i'll see what they tell me.

Anyways! there's been a recent spike in creature deaths in every small town in the Mid-West. These deaths have been extremely gruesome, much different than how any meat eating/blood sucking creature kills. Many creatures feel humans will be next. Malina, one of the oldest vampires still around, has seen plenty of these kind of killings over the course of her 5000+ yrs as a vampire. She suspects it's the Asabonsom (a vampire-like creature with iron fangs, iron hooks for feet to hang in the trees for it's killings, large blood-shot eyes, and long legs) of the Ashanti of southern Ghana, the Ivorian of the Ivory Coast, and the Togolese of the Togo Republic alike. This creature was earlier seen a few centuries back all over the world, killing hundreds of creatures. It doesn't really make sense as to why this iron-fanged vampire would be in Mid-West US, though. I guess it was time to make it's way to North America, I presume. It also is extremely odd for this vampire to go anywhere else in the world, for it is an extremely territorial creature. Malina, her friends, and her underlings travel all over trying to crack the code of this creatures' ways and why it left from it's original domain.
i'll probably figure out more of the plot later.

so i feel the need to go in depth with my idea of vampires. i sorta took it back to the menacing Dracula-type. They aren't seen as the gorgeous, enchanting, Edward Cullen-beings. They're the "scared-to-go-to-sleep" evil.
- instead of men being attracted to Malina "for whatever unkown reason" (which we all know is the simple fact that she's a fucking vampire), they are extremely scared of her. Less intimidated (unless you confront her), more fearful of their lives by the sheer sight of her. She is beautiful, yes, but not a good beautiful. Not "movie star" beautiful.
- my vampires "seduce" their victims not in a physical or sexual manor, but a mental one (don't know how it quite works yet, i'll figure it out later).
there is no "dawn of time feud" with werewolves (not "were", werewolf).
-they do not hate each other. quite a lot of them get along (marriage, kids, long lasting relation/friendships).
-werewolves only think vamps "stink" because their blood smells metallicy or minerally (like iron, rust, tin, copper). some have stronger scents than others.
-the only vampires who think werewolves "stink" are the ones who do not like dogs. They, in-turn, smell them as a "wet dog" or a dog who just came from outside (and that's only if that werewolf is frequently outdoors).
key points about needing to drink blood:
-unable to "produce" true life themselves, they must take it from the living. the dead do not excrete; blood is burned off as it's used.
- say a vampire drinks a pint of blood, it would take them half a day to burn it off
- depending on how large and/or strong that vampire is depends on how much blood they need
- how much they need also depends on how young or old a vampire is</list></list>
-their body requires more blood/energy when they are first turned to complete their metamorphosis
-vampires have energy deficiency. they can only drink the blood of currently living people/creatures, not like blood from the hospital. essentially, there is no energy in blood that is not in a living creature (the only vampires who drink blood of creatures are the smaller ones)
-underlings are not "uncontrollably strong" when they are first turned. they are extremely weak and easily controlled. they must be taught the correct way to drink, because they don't even know how feeding works. their powers are extremely weak and under-developed, but they are also not uncontrollable and full of extreme energy. they're also not crazily blood thirsty, running around going on feeding sprees. they have an extremely low amount of energy. over time, they must hone their powers, improve them, and make them grow.
- this is essentially why they must stay with their maker. their maker helps them grow and teaches important things they must know about being a vampire
-they don't have an ever-lasting, deadly bond with their maker. they can leave at any time. they do, however, feel as though they need to stay with them in the beginning. the kind of need that babies have that eventually goes away
-they can still sense their maker if they leave, not the other way around. they sense when they are near, in danger, etc.
-they must also be taught how to take energy from living/dying creatures' blood, period (kind of an easier, inproper way). later must be taught the correct/proper way to. when they're first turned, they don't uncontrollably take energy if they're able to. they don't know how.
- first vampires having to hone in on supernatural powers; later vampires receiving these abilities upon metamorphosis (kinda like genes)
- set first human vampire back 8000+ years ago, well before christ (essentially inhuman, possibly). does something so detrimental that a curse is set upon him for all eternity (the curse of: a) having to drink blood, b) needing excessive amounts of energy, c) immortality.
- vampires do not burn in the sun, sparkle, or what-thefuck-ever. they only slightly weaken. not enough to where they can barely walk. a sun hat or cap will suffice for staying "cool" under the sun. c:
-his supernatural powers were not just given to him. he had to essentially "take" these powers. the enchantress doesn't tell him how to obtain these powers or who to obtain them from
- not really an epic quest. though, he doesn't gain enough strength solely on energy/blood. he needs these powers to become stronger (mentally and physically)
-he, in a sense, takes these powers from specific mythological Gods, but not taking it from them. the Gods still retain their full powers.
- after several generations of vampires, they have these powers but they are suppressed so they must bring them out
- several generations after them, their powers are more prominent. they only need to learn how to use them and further develop them
- not every vampire can take energy without blood. only a certain strand of vampires can do so (like Malina and her underlings). this is much harder to learn and accomplish.

that's all i got so far. i'll dig deeper into everything later on as i develop all of my characters and the plot.
i always noticed i perceived vampires entirely different than other authors. especially in Twilight and all other romantic vampire stories like it.
i never fucking understood how vampires went from these terrifying creatures of the night to these teenage-looking hunks of godly gorgeousness that feel the need to mate with humans. like............. what.

enough of my ranting!
hope all who sees this enjoys Malina, my vampire ideas, and/or both~
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