Sora no Avalon - Coyote and Raven Picture


It's.... been a little bit, hasn't it now? This one was done a few days ago, but thanks to events wasn't posted until now. XD

I thought I'd give update - and maybe some help - to Sora players, with a couple of the Stepmothers.

Coyote - the punkish one who likes to charm people into doing stuff for him and play games of chance with Sun Wukong.

Raven - his rival, who acts like she's better than Coyote is, all the while employing charms of her own to get information and help.

Both from the Native American mythos, a good thing to keep in mind with them is that while Raven likes to pretend the upper moral path, it's simply because Coyote usually gets ahead of her on plans. Their rivalry is both affectionate, and deep - and both would be sorely disappointed without the other to compete with. They are both Raider class.

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