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Edit: Alright here we goooooo, new drawing for le app plus info. Guys her tail is curving at an angle that is why the white is above the brown in this, keep in mind the white goes at the bottom!! For reference here is her old drawing for the app in which the tail is at a normal angle. Chesp flat colours

Basic information
Name: Chesp Fujioko.
Pronunciation: Chesp(like chest but with a p) Foo-Ge-Oh-Co.
Origin: ???
Nicknames: Chespy, shorty, miss Chesp, little ray of light,cursed one.
How she got them:
Shorty; Due to how short she is for her age.
Little ray of light; Because she can smile in the darkest of hours.
Miss Chesp; Due to someone thinking they should be respectful.
Chespy; Her mother and father.
Cursed one; Due to her curse.
Pet names: Ahhh none yet but someone give me some!
Age: 18
Age appearance: 18
Birthday: December 12th
Gender: Female
Species: Shiru
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac sign:
Sexuality: Straight
Theme song(s)……
Curse in action theme:…
Battle theme:…
Voice actor: Korra; Janet Varney.…
Birthplace: Blizzach
Current residence:

Fur colour: Dark brown, Light brown and white.
Hairstyle+length: Long messy hair.
Eye colour: Crystal blue
Height: 1’02
Weight: ???
Outfit: Cape thing.
Distinguishing marks: She will end up getting a large scar on her back later on. (Will heal)
Distinguishing Features: The sun like markings, her arm and leg fur, her eyes seem like they hold a galaxy.
Self care (make up): None, she sees no reason for it.
Posture: Confident.
Piercings: None.
Cup size:C
Appearance overall: A very short light shiru, who only has three fur colours, a light brown, dark brown and white.She has bright crystal blue eyes and has chest fur and spots, a few sun shaped spots on her tail and near her eye. A tail that is like a fox, big and fluffy, she is a very curvy Shiru.

Mom: Sele
Dad: Rarastar
Sibling(s): Ace.
Aunt(s): ???
Uncle(s): ???
Cousin(s): Abra ( does not know)
Grandmother(s): Jewels (called gran gran) and Kaymo.
Grandfather(s): Mosoa and Balanta.
In-laws: None yet ;D
Children: ???
Best friend(s):
Pet(s): ???
Leader(s): Listens to Soley. (even then she doesn't listen to him) Will not listen to anyone else unless it will benefit her.
How sociable: Social Butterfly.

Personality traits
Personality: Stubborn, sassy, clumsy, rude, mischievous, curious, childish, loves the outdoors, shy (depends on who), soft, arrogant, flirtatious, naughty, sarcastic, sneaky, adventurous, affectionate, witty , upbeat, selfish.
Habits: Being clumsy she has a habit of falling over plenty of things including herself or nothing. She reaches out searching for warmth in her sleep or to find a shiru. She sucks her thumb when thinking
Hobbies: Exploring, cooking
Skills: Dancing, cooking, team work, parkour (like an assassin, so if you played assassins creed you will understand)
Loves: exploring, food!, cuddles, feeling safe,treasure.
Likes: Nature, her abilities, the sun clan, games!
Dislikes: The sun clan(it's a love hate sort of thing.)her treasure going missing,forest fire's, nightmares.
Hates: Deep water, waste of food,evil merchants, Monsters, demons that are mindless, Being called Chespy by those that are not allowed, Dolls.
Comforts: Cuddles near a nice scenery that is quiet, the sound of the ocean.
Soft spot: Children under the age of 6.
Strengths: Quick Reflexes, Flexible, sharp senses, curse.
Weakness: Her stubborn attitude gets her into a whole lot of trouble, her emotions, her fears, her curse.
Quirks: Sleeps with her tail wrapped around her or something.Tilting her head when confused.
Sense of Humor: A bit of all really.
Pet Peeves: Slurping noises, those who chew with their mouth open and loudly.

Energy: She uses a lot of energy everyday, a reason for why she eats so much.
Memory: She has great memory, but if something bad happens she will force herself to forget in order to help her mental state.
Senses: Her smell, touch, vision and hearing.
Allergies: Unknown.
Handicaps: ???
Medication: ???
Phobias: mice, being alone in the dark when she has no idea what is going on, certain demons, deep water,tight spaces(slowly gains as the timeline progresses) Her nightmares, Herself at times, balloons popping, her curse.
Addictions: food.
Mental Disorders: Nightmare Disorder
Grooming: Her hair may look messy but it is actually knot free, soft, smooth and shiny.
Scent: She smells like fruit such as apples(the shampoo), watermelon (the marker smell), cherries and strawberries. She then has a soul scent which can not be described all that is known is that it is a sweet smell.
Stability: Not stable at all.
Mentally: Mentally she is not OK, her curse so far has caused her more harm than good. She breaks down easily, she panics a lot more now etc. Her parents death has also affected her.
Physically: Her health has to be as high as possible, but she does get hurt quite often due to exploring or fighting monsters or other shiru's. Her small size does come in handy but she still gets scratched up.
Emotionally: She is very emotional
Sleep patterns: Terrible, she could sleep for 3 hours before waking up due to nightmares, needs someone by her side to sleep and even so she still has nightmares.
Blood type: A

Biography: Sands of Time.
First Appearance:

IQ: ???
Puzzles: Enjoys doing puzzles from complex to advance ones
Maths: Knows what she needs to know.
Cooking: A vast knowledge.
Nature: Of what can kill you, feed you and save you.
Sewing: Not good at it.
Sexual education: Was not told about it.
Botany(Flowers): Not much only common knowledge and what ones can kill you.
Politics/laws: Doesn’t really care for them but does know who her ruler is (only knows two.)
Geography: Doesn’t know much but enough to get by.
Science (this would include medicine etc): Not much, only knows about certain things.
Reading level: High level.

Slow and steady or quick:Slow and steady.
Protective: Very protective, she feels horrible when someone has to protect her though which is often.
Jealous easily?: Depends on what and who.
Marry for money: No she doesn't follow that, and might get confused over why someone would.
Make good or bad decisions: Both.
Do they want kids: Yes
Do they wish to marry: Maybe.
Past lover(s): No one, she didn't have time for that.
Current Lover:
Marital Status: Single. (for now)
Sex Life: Uh no.
Turn-Ons: bites (Not too hard) gentle touches, teasing, moans, heat of the moment,
Turn Offs: Dirty talk, harming her, creepy talk, trying too hard.
Position: Submissive most of the time
Plays: none.
Fetishes: X
Virginity: Wouldn't you like to know

Religion: ???
Morals: Innocent should not die.
Crime Record: Has broken the law multiple times but no one knows.
Motivation: Love, Peace.
Philosophy: Don’t expect anything, or you will be disappointed.
Culture: Does not follow her culture.
Influences: She was influenced by her parents a lot but soon took her own way.
Traditions: Say goodnight before bed, give a hug to her brother before bed.
Trinkets: the little charms on her cape.
Home: ???
Collections: little wooden statues. (ace makes them for her sometimes.)
Prized Possession: the sun like thing on her cape.
Main Goal: Survive.
Desires: She doesn't know, ask her this and you will end up having her thinking about it.
Greatest Achievement:
Biggest Failure: Almost getting killed.
Secrets: Things about her curse.
Worries: Her curse, demons, the clan vs clan thing.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Believes in spirits.
Savvy: Nature.
Guilty Pleasure: Whipped cream
Instincts: To fight and protect.
Lures: towards warmth.
Cruel Streak: Towards those who dare to be put onto her bad side.
Tag Line (Things said often): Fucking knew it. Bruh, uhhhhhh, dude, well.......shit, well.......we’re fucked.
Signature Quote: Hahaha ya sure.
Reputation: Pfft wouldn’t you like to know.
Defining Moment: When she could freely use her air ability in the desert with all the sand.

Abilities: Air and Earth.
Origin: She learned her earth ability from her father, her air ability she learned herself one day.
Restrictions: ???
Combat style: It depends on what ability she is using, she fights differently depending on her feelings and who she is fighting.For example if it was Ace she would straight up try and hurt him, if it was Soley she would tackle him and try to pin him down, if it was Rin she would run away, if it was Ecko she would fight dirty but mostly self defence.

Favorite Color: Sky blue
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Place: Blizzach.
Favorite Landmarks:
Favorite Flavor(s): Sweet, Sour.
Favorite Food: Stew
Favorite Drink: Cranberry juice.
Favorite Genre: Romance, thriller, mystery.
Favorite Book:
Favorite Game: Hide and seek.
Favorite Music: ???
Favorite Sport: Doesn’t really like sports.
Favorite Number: 8
Favorite Words: Legend, mythology
Favorite Quotations:
Favorite thing to do: Play with the wind around her or cuddling.
Favorite Fruit: Apples.
Favorite Vegetable: Carrots.
Favorite Snack: Milk and biscuits.
Favorite Sweet: Sour fizzy things.
Favorite time of day: Sunrise.
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Month: November.
Favorite Season: Winter.
Favorite Day: Saturday.
Favorite Weather: Windy.
Favorite Flower: Snow bell
Favorite Element: Air
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst.

Relationship Development
Self-Impression: A monster concealed within a wilting flower.



??? </small>

Ace is Chesp's older brother who is only older by two years. When they were younger the two of them never got along, they would constantly fight and try to make the other one cry.
If one of them was making something the other would purposely destroy it. There were moments however where they did show they cared for the other, often at night Chesp would have climbed into Ace's bed shaking with fear and he would have kept her safe. When their parents died, Ace left her, he was very cold about it too, not wanting to be known as the brother of a big baby.
Chesp didn't see him for years, until one day he bumped back into her, except he was still cold towards her, until he saw how much damage was done to her mental state.
The two are now like the best of friends, often talking to each other, teasing, standing up for the other etc.
"Oh that asshat? He's a nerd, but I love him I guess?"


Fun Facts
*She can not swim
*Mess with her food and she will mess with you D:<
*Her cloth is a symbol to show she is apart of her family, since the pattern on it is in a certain way.
*She is very clumsy and tends to trip over herself.
*She has multiple nicknames for Soley.
*She thinks her brother Ace is an ass half the time.
*You have to do something for her to develop feelings towards you whether it be friendly feelings or a crush.
*She loves practical jokes.
*She does not like being alone at night, thus can't be.
*Reason why she doesn't is because of her nightmares and the fact that she might mess up during the darkest hours of the land.
*She is terrified of mice.
*Exploring is more important to her than you would think.
*She is right handed.
*She was bullied.
*She is curvy.
*Her sides are ticklish
*Her eyes glow
*The thing passed down is in connection with her emotions, so she needed all of them that is why her soul was not split, also it keeps souls from entering her body.
*Her eyes glow when her emotions are strong enough, it can be very dangerous though for she can go blind with rage.
*It tries to prevent her from dying.
*She has to follow the prophecy of her family
*She loves to torment her brother Ace
*Her passed down thing increases her abilities when her eyes glow.
*When her grandmother died, she locked herself in her bathroom in her home and angrily cut her hair before breaking down again.

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