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Whelp, after lurking around the DGM fandom for a while, I finally decided to get over my anxiety and make a account so I could actually make my own oc for this lovely series. While I am mostly please with this ref for the time being, I do plan on making her a full reference sheet sometime in the future if time permits me. I hope to get more involve with the community and fandom c:

| Personal Information

B a s i c s ;

Name: Theodosia Katsaros
Nickname(s): Mostly goes by Theo but will answer to Sia.
Gender: Female
Age: August 22th, 18XX (23)
Nationality: Greek
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 180.3cm (5'11)
Weight: 66.2kgs (146lbs)
Body Type: Tall and lean. Quite lithe.
Notable Markings: Various small scars and scratches along her hands due to years of fiddling with machinery. Seems to have a perpetual sunburn on her face

P e r s o n a l i t y ;

Theodosia is a outgoing and loud individual who will try to defuse serious situations with a joke or two. Even when it would be considered inappropriate. She is someone who wants to know the "why and how" behind everything and everyone. But she tends to go about like she would with a machine. By taking it apart and seeing what makes it tick. This tendency makes her rather insensitive and oblivious to other's feelings. However, once Theodosia realizes she has been an ass, she will go through ridiculous means to show she is sorry.

Although she tends come across as confident, borderline arrogant, Theo is constantly in fear of messing up things for others and causing serious damage. But instead of confronting these issues, she often avoids them by immersing herself in various different projects. Ironically enough however, Theodosia also thrives on pressure and is actually rather resourceful when she is fully focused on her battles. Because while she may make jokes at the wrong times, Theo gets shit done in the end.

Interests: Tinkering, Sketching, Cooking
Likes: Mathematics, Mythology, Ducks, Stories
Dislikes: Riddles, Passive-aggression, Open spaces, The cold
Quirks: Theo loves to tinker and give her golem little personal touches of her own. Talks with her hands and walks on her toes a lot.

| P e r s o n a l i t y B a r
[5 = max; 3 = average; 1 = min]
Education: 2
Affinity: 2
Battle: 4
Mental: 3
Flexibility: 4
Tinkering: 5

| Work Information

P r o f i l e ;

Affiliation: Black Order
Base of Operations: European Branch (HQ)
Occupation: Exorcist
Mentor: Klaud Nine
Partner(s): N/A
Golem: Standard issue black with a spherical body shape. Grumpy eye shape and a circular tail end that is painted to resemble a Nazar charm. Calls em' Poly.

Preferred Mission Types: Theodosia works best when it isn't a huge group mission due to possible friendly-fire. They also do well in hot/dry or snowy climates due to nature of her innocence.

Limitations/Punishments: Because her innocence needs light, Theo cannot do night time missions.

A n t i - A k u m a W e a p o n ;

Innocence Name: Light of Argus
Innocence Type: Equipment
Syncronization Rate: 77%
Deactivated Form: Pair of goggles made with black leather and dark purple tinted lens.

Level 1 | Sight of Argus
Upon activation, Theo's goggles acquire a white Innocencial light as they enlarge and form a mask that covers her nose and mouth. Tiny hexagonal shapes of various violet shades form over the lens which then allows the lens to become multifaceted similar a dragonfly's eyes. This allows her see more directions at once and to detect movement she wouldn't normally see.

  • [Blistering Stare] This move allows Theo to utilize the available UVB light into concentrated rays of light that she can shoot at targets. This move only affects the outer layer of "skin" of Akuma and causes blisters and burns to cover them. Her goggles will darken as it charges up for the attack before unleashing it with a small flash of light.

    + Akuma who are 2-3ft away from the attack may experience mild affects of it as well.

    + Can destroy a Level 1 Akuma after a couple of blasts and can affect Level 2 Akuma when they take it full force a couple of times. Not effective on Level 3 Akuma

    + Must be wary of fellow exorcist because it can give them a nasty sunburn if nearby.

    + The power of this attack depends on the available UVB light around her; attacks are strongest when the sun is at its highest in the sky.

  • [Shining Refraction/Diffraction] Depending on her surroundings, Theodosia can cause UVB to refract off available surfaces if her target is not in her direct line of sight. She can also cause it diffract so that it can avoid obstacles and openings. Her goggles will emit a soft constant purple glow when this move is in use.

    + Because these light waves have not been concentrated enough to cause damage, they are used for distraction.

Level 2 Release | Argus's Enlightenment
Theo's goggles are dimmed until they are completely dark before lighting up in a small explosion of white light that will blind nearby Akuma around her. She is now able to access the UVA light around her, which isn't dependent on the time of day like UVB light is, and loses the mask that had previously covered her lower face. Her level 1 move set becomes much more efficient.

  • [Incendiary Illumination] Theo's most powerful move, Incendiary Illumination is a very destructive attack that doesn't appear to affect the outer appearance of first. When used, her goggles will start flashing as her innocence gather the UVA light around her before shooting two rays that will split into several smaller rays of light that will cover the target in eye-shaped spots that will blink before phasing inside of the target. A couple seconds, cracks will begin to form where those spots were and rays of light will shine out of these before the target explodes.

    + Can destroy Level 1 and 2 Akuma.

    + This is the only way Theodosia could combat a Level 3 Akuma but it may not cause the Akuma to explode depending on its current state. If its already weakened to a certain point then it will work on them. If not then it will cause them some considerable discomfort.

    + Can use this a total of two times but the power behind the attack is halved the second go around, Must wait 10 seconds before she can use any of her other abilities.

    + Theodosia does not like using this move and will not use it unless its absolutely necessary since may cause her to have photokeratitis and more severe sunburns afterwards.

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