Morning Star Picture

I know Lucifer is a big debate issue, and isn't part of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia. But I'm drawing him anyway. As sort of a practice, "starting" point. I wanted him to still look humanoid, but not... human. I kind of wanted to portray something that still looked like the insanely powerful being he is.

I didn't have room or any worthwhile ideas on how to incorporate wings so hose were left off. The sun was originally going to be a renaissance style halo, but that was looking very bulky and awkward (and my lettering wasn't working out).

I'll include him in a project I've started for myself to illustrate all 72 demons in the Ars Goetia - to hopefully, have published as a book/catalog. If I can pick up enough funding/interest to do so. And I'm kind of starting with this image to promote and give an idea. Although I don't plan on any of the others being so... bright.

Illustation/Art (c) Jadiel/J/Winged
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