Ancient Dragon Picture

After some hiatus, just posting sketches around, here comes another digital illustration (check the complete project at my behance portfolio)

Also known as the Primordial Vovin (Vovin meaning "Dragon" in the Enochian language) or Tupaq ("noble" in quechua language), this is the Elemental God of Darkness in the CUETZPALIN Mythos. On the occasion illustrated here, that happened on a distant past, he's overpowering a Huaca ("Natural Spirit") guardian of Cipactli (a titanic crocodile that would later be forced to hold the world of Aztlán on her back), one of the main enemies of the Elemental Gods on their pursuit for taking charge of the universe. The Crystal Ball he is holding on his left hand is a piece of Ater Adamantis (the union of the Five Hidden Elements, those which the elemental gods have no natural control over) taken from Cipactli, that will unleash his own darkness-related powers. Despite his origin is clouded and it is even possible he doesn't share a common origin with those later deemed as his brothers, he has been called by Tempo, the God of Space, to aid them on their fight against the Primordial Beasts. Between 5000 and 3650 years from now, however, he has been the major opposing force to some of his brothers such as BAAL, the God of Light, when he led the ORS OHORELA (Order of Darkness, in Enochian) to conquer and destroy several planets during a major, century-lasting galactic conflict known as Topakhon Wars. After his defeat, he has been locked in the Dimension of Absolute Darkness for three thousand years, only being freed by a pack of sorcerers from Middle-Ages Eastern Europe. Even in his absence, though, the last remnants of his former empire, led by the Ta'tal (his ancient apprentices on the arts of manipulating the hidden elements), have persevered against the odds to keep some of his knowledge present among mortals, re-creating an opposing force to most of his brothers' efforts.

His goals include the complete disintegration of the universe of matter and energy, by accelerating the universe's expansion through the Phantom Dark Energy (and some may argue he's already taking the upper hand), but these goals are kept from most of his followers as well, as like most gods he often uses some deceitful speeches and mortal forms to hide his true intentions. To him, an entity with millions of years old, nothing is new on the universe of matter and energy, a nihilist impression that makes the Earth God, among others, sick (while Huo holds no value for life and absolute value for matter, Tupaq claims to see no value in matter though seeing in life, what may lead to the conclusion that Tupaq sees life beyond matter and energy). He has been opposed by Wilhelm several times, their first battle taking place in 2010, on the Darr hidden-element mines of the Pacific Coast of North America. One of his later rivals was the former Anunnaki Prince and Apkallu founder, Enki. Another enemy of his is Kharon, his own son with Nyx (The Night), who has created a complex plan to lead to his downfall. One of his supposedly most loyal allies is Spectro.

Other names of him include Tokoyrikoq (all-seeing), Angra Mainyu / Ahriman (Destructive Spirit), Gannag-Menog (Stinking Spirit), Sorath, Mixcoatl (Cloud Serpent), Erevos (Deep darkness, shadow), Chernobog (Black God), Nudimmud (Creator), Wiracocha (Sea Foam), Mahuna-Te Ra'a (Son of the Sun).

This character draws some inspirations from previous incarnations of antagonists from my early stories of the BYDURAK Series: the Kingdom story arcs' Lord Topa and Guate story arcs' Topa Inca Yupanqui.
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