.:When The Magic Ends:. Picture

After six or seven months of this sitting on the floor half finished, I had a sleepless night where I decided to just beast the wings and get it over with. So finally it's done!

And as promised, the back story: He loves a mermaid and she loves him but their two worlds can't cross. He belongs to the sky and she to the sea. They can only see each other at night when the energy that keeps them in their respective realms is at it's weakest. Or something like that. When the sun rises, she has to return to the sea and he must fly back to his realm in the sky.

So here, they've said their good byes, the sun is rising to warm the earth and the mermaiden has slipped back beneath the caress of the waves. He's waiting those last few minutes out before the sun peeks over the horizon before he takes flight.

This is a companion piece to Forbidden Love [link] and Hope Withers Away [link]

Acrylic paint, sky is watercolor. 24"x36" YES! Canvas. (Never again will I use that type of canvas. Ew!)

Apparently the joke is that he's checking out his painted toe nails and therefore that's why he has no legs. I thought that adding his legs and feet would detract from the overall feel of the composition so no legs shown. Besides, who says he doesn't have them tucked up against his chest?
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