Akeru Picture

Hooray for me, another adopted character reference! Baahhh, it's so cute!


Original design: ~zupercanine (They still have some amazing original adopts left, Akeru orders you to go look!)

True Name: Unknown

Given name: Akeru- It has often been spotted on the horizon at dawn and dusk, causing people to believe that it is Aker, the famed god of the horizon that opens the gates to the underworld to allow the sun to pass through every morning and evening.

Gender: Unknown but assumed to be a male from the thick mane around its neck and an observation of it speaking in a deep voice.

Age: Unkown-Presumed to be a creature straight out of myth, this beast possesses ageless wisdom yet still retains a youthful appearance.

Location: Egypt- This mythical incarnation has been known to wander the deserts of Egypt alone. Rare observances have noted that it sometimes travels very close to the homes of some people for unknown reasons, but never goes closer than a hundred yards. This creature has also been sighted at the Animal Asylum* on more than a few occasions, though it never speaks to anyone and often makes a sudden disappearance if approached.

Species: A mythical beast with the body of a lion and the powers of a god. It hides its divine appears with a hawk-like mask. No one knows what its face really looks like, or if it even has a face at all.

Size: Though it possesses the body of a lion, its size is a strange characteristic indeed. Most observers have testified that it was no larger than a wild dog, if not a hint smaller. A small minority of people have watched it from miles away while still noting that its size hadn't receded in the distance, giving it the appearance of a beast the size of the sphinx.

Powers: Manipulation of sand- This creature can bend sand to its will, able to create whimsical designs or powerful sandstorms. It may possess a plethora of other magic abilities, but this remains as the only divine strength that has been observed and recorded.

Personality: Few have met this creature, and even less can give a suitable description of its demeanor. One observer has heard it speak in a deep, smooth, omnipresent voice, giving a prophetic riddle, but no other similar occurrences have been made. For most, the so-called Akeru is a complete mystery and a silent observer to the surrounding world.


* Animal Asylum is the temporary home of many of my characters. They occasionally stay there to rest from their otherwise busy or chaotic lives, but most reside permanently in other worlds. More information to come soon.

I'm sure its probably annoying to see everything say "unknown" but that's part of the character's identity. It wants to remain unknown, and who doesn't love a bit of mystery in their lives?
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