Loewe III Picture

Full title "Löwen des Ägyptischen Museums III GL 67 - die Blutrünstige" / "Lions of the Egyptian Museum III, GL 67 - the Bloodthirsty One"

Third in my "Lions of the Egyptian Museum" series and by far the weakest. This is partly due to the indeterminate but probably methusalic age of the pencil, partly to the woefully inadequate paper, and partly to the maybe 3/4 of an hour spent on it. I had some time before a lecture started and decided to sketch a bit. I will definitely draw her again some time to do her justice.

The subtitle "the Bloodthirsty One" refers to the legend of the Destruction of Mankind, in which Sakhmet (this is her statue) was sent out against humanity as punishment for conspirig against the sun god.

black coloured pencil
45 min

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