Brigitta-Ra the Linguist, Sorceress of Slaanesh Picture

To lead the Emperor's Children Terminator Annihilation Force I've spent the last few weeks working on, I needed a character in Terminator armour for my 63rd Company. Since I only have 15 Sisters of Silence and I needed them all for the rank-and-file, I had to come up with something else. I decided to go with a Sorceress, since this lets me explain away the somewhat.. piecemeal approach to the armour as a glamour. (And here's an excellent example from Grrl Power which if you don't read, you probably should.)

Brigitta-Ra (named after a Celtic fire goddess and the Egyptian sun god, because I like to annoy mythological pantheons en masse to save time) is based on a Dark Eldar Wych who had been sitting about surplus to requirements for some time. To this, I added power armour arms, a Forge World MKIII Emperor's Children shoulder pad and a plastic Chaos Terminator pad left over from another project. I wanted to arm her with the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, so I took two Chaos Flamers and bolted them together to make one longer one, as well as adding the spare fuel bottle to the top. One downside of this is that the skull on that bottle is upside-down but hey, Chaos. The join in the barrel is visible, but I imagine that the barrel expands and contracts depending on the range of the shot and that this is the seam of that mechanism.

The other hand holds a staff made from the haft of a Thunder Hammer. To this, I added an old Goblin spear blade at the bottom, and a length of Wood Elf spear at the top, to which I then attached a couple of wheel blades from a Seeker Chariot and a piece of plastic tube as the head, tidying up the joins with Green Stuff. The idea was to make the staff itself resemble the Rune of Slaanesh. At this point, the head was an empty circle, because this was prior to the Big Idea which I'll get to in a moment.

To bulk out the back, I added a Wood Elf cloak with the quiver trimmed off, covered with Green Stuff fur to match the other Helbringers. The block which the cloak attaches to is actually part of the head of the Thunder Hammer, which I topped with another of the Sister of Silence shoulder plates. (I have some spare since the second squad of Helbringers have lightning claws and therefore had no space for them on one arm). I also added the extra ribbons that are meant to go on the Sister Superior to add interest and colour.

I used the Wych's existing head, but snipped off her small hair bun and replaced it with a nice big topknot, again taken from a spare Sister of Silence head.

After painting, but before varnishing (which was dumb of me, and will require some careful masking) I had The Big Idea. I took a dollop of heavy Water Effect acrylic gel, and filled the head of the staff with it, smoothing off the surface with wet fingers. The result was a very nice tight fill, which contracted slightly to form a concave shape as it dried, but left the head of the staff translucent. On top of this, I painted a layer of the new(ish) Spiritstone Blue technical paint, which is basically a transparent blue. I'm foolishly pleased with the result, and may well use it on any more Power Mauls I make, as well as possibly re-doing the existing ones.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop.
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