CE: Adleiale-lase Calendar Picture

The Cephorian Seasonal Year consists of 365 days, made up of 24 hours per day, and is based on including the cycle of all four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. However, the most common calendar system used is the Adleiale-lase, or Twin/Split Year, that was originally created in Jezul, an old nation that was located within the present Diesian borders.

The split year was founded on the myth of twin sister lesser deities, Emia and Lutzia , who ruled over two seasons each that reflected what they valued most.

Emia , the ruler of Spring and Summer, wakes the world from sleep and promotes high energy, work, and new life. She valued the social aspect of life, urging the people to turn towards everyone as she is turned towards them.

Lutzia, the ruler of Autumn and Winter, reaps what has been sown and gently lulls the world into a peaceful rest, promoting stillness, serenity, and recovery. She valued the individual, urging the people to turn close to themselves and their family as she is turned away from the world yet still drapes over it, maintaining close connections.

Because of their sisterhood neither deity wished to be present while the other was forced to stay away from the world, so portions of the lands were always blanketed in seasons that closely followed one or the other. Lands where it never snowed, and the sun was hot. And lands where the snow never left, and the days were cold.
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