Anahita, Mother of All Picture

Hello to everyone. Hope you are all alright. First of all let us apologize for our long absence. It was a long time we wanted to catch up with you and present you a glimpse of Persian Mythology. But there were some difficulties and ups and down.
Anyways, here we are, with a work dedicated to Anahita, the Ancient Persian Goddess. Goddess of the waters is also associated with fertility, healing and wisdom.

Since Anahita is the goddess of waters, there are some sea creatures which represent her.

The month Aban presents goddess Anahita. Aban means the waters in Persian. The 8th month of Persian calendar (Aban), which always has 30 days, begins in October and ends in November by the Gregorian calendar. It's the second month of Autumn.

The shell presents mother which is Anahita and the pearl protected among the soft tissue of the shell presents child which is Mehr (Mithr). And the combination of these means the care and protective sense of mother over her child. Like the way shell protects pearl from divers who hunt pearls.

The dolphin in the other hand is a mammal who milk her children in the water so it represents mother's nursing.

The lotus which in Persian is Nilufar, mean the water flower. This flower represent the day. Cause it opens up with the first rays of the sun and it closes by the dusk.
In the book "Borhan Ghate'" which is an encyclopedia written by Mohammad Hossein Ibn Khalf Tabrizi, lotus gets defined this way.
"It comes up with sun and goes down again with sun. There is a bird which goes between the lotus by it's sinking into water in the nighttime. And when lotus comes up and opens up the bird will fly away and hasn't got wet at all. According to professor Bahar, the bird may presents the holy spirit which goes into lotus in the night so it can be protected.

The ring in the between is the power given by gods. It's called Farreh (Khwarenah in English). A concept understood as a divine mystical force or power projected upon and aiding the appointed.
It often given to Persian Kings on behalf of Ahura Mazda.

The wheat represents also Anahita's fertility.

At the end I hope this little information be useful to you.
In the near future we will present a brief and detailed information about all these symbols to you. So wish us luck! smile emoticon

Ehsan and Afsoon of Amesha Mithr Arts.

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