New fakemon Helas 5 [Update 5 FINAL] Picture


-Lelene (God of the Moon) more info click here!
-Selio (God of the Sun) more info click here!
-AEOS (God of the Dawn)
1-SPHYROS (God of the West Wind, God Zephyrus and Spring)
2-SUMNOTOS (God of the South Wind, God Notos and Summer)
3-AUTEUROS (God of the East Wind, God Eurus and Autumn)
4-WINOREAS (God of the North Wind, God Boreas and Winter)

Type: Flying/Ice
Ability: Brilliance Dawn

SPA-Amanecer Brillante: Cada turno le aumenta la Velocidad y Evasión, restaura un 15% de PS.

ENG-Brilliance Dawn: Each turn gets up the Speed, Evasion and recover about 15% of HP.

Type: Flying/Fairy
Ability: Cute Charm

Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: Drought

Type: Flying/Grass
Ability: Thick Fat

Type: Flying/Ice
Ability: Dense Boira
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