What An Obnoxious Boy Picture

Here's a lil tyrian who wants to inslave all low low bloods thinking that'll keep them safe uwu
He's based around the Apollo mythology (well, the one related to Chiron, anyway)

•Name: Waadam Sebast (Malay for transvestite and the genus for the Rose fish)
•Planet of Origin: Alternia
•Blood Color: Fuchsia (feferi's caste)
•Lusus: Gl'bgolyb
•Strife Specibus: 2x3dent
•Sylladex: Philosophy, state an idea around the item you want
•Hobbies: Exploring the land near his hive, feeding his lusus, "helping" others, and talking with friends
•Aspirations: To rule Alternia and all planets under its rule
•Likes: Friendship, submissive low bloods, hunting, bright colours and dressing up, and deep conversations and philosophy
Dislikes: Rebellious low bloods, getting hurt, the sight of blood in general, and naïve trolls
•Personality: A pretty cool and relaxed troll, though can get exited very easily. He loves to help others, but he can be pushy and not understand when to stop. He is a horrible Moirail, surprisingly, and is very controlling and "over protective" of Yarali. He acts more like a Kismesis to her, but she needed a Moirail badly.
•Dreamer Type: Prospit
•God-Tier: Prince of Mind
•Quirk: capitalizes all o's and will begin all sentences with (( and end with )). will sarcastically use horrible fish puns and glub to show that not all sea-dwellers do say glub and have fish puns.
•Trolltag: generousInamorata
•Land Name: Land of Change and Orchestras
•Ancestor: His Imperial Condescension
•Symbol: Sun symbol
♥ - Open and looking
♦ - Ex-Yarali Kentar/Open and looking
♠ - Open and looking
♣ - Open and willing to be the middle leaf
♠crush - Yarali Kentar

Art/Fantroll (c) Me
Homestuck/trolls (c) Andrew Hussie
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