Chibi Skoll and Hati Picture

A little drawing of Skoll & Hati <3
I can't think of drawing something else atm! o.o
My brain is going like.......
"what should i draw...?"
inner voice: Hati... skoll...
"naah... i should draw something else now"
Inner voice: Nuu... HATI SKOLL!
Inner voice: DOOO IT!!
"all righ! alle right!

Scary o.o

But it was just a fast drawing and the quality is really bad because i can't save the originale picture... TT^TT *sad face*
I have to Prt scr alle the time when i'm drawing in Paint Tool Sai >< but i love to draw in it so... bah dosn't matter that much :3

Comment if you like ^_^<3
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