GCSE - Seth Picture

This'll probably need Full View-ing to see properly.

Drew this a couple of years ago as my final piece for the GCSE 'portraiture' project. I majorly suck at drawing people so got round it by "portraying" the Egyptian god of war, Seth, which my teacher wasn't too pleased about but she let me do it in the end
As mentioned Seth was the god of war/evil, hence the general snarly angry-ness. He was usually portrayed with red/black fur, white skin and a long snout. He was also associated with storms, darkness, drought, sandstorms and many animals including serpents, which should explain the scenery
Drawn in oil pastel onto an A2 sized wooden board type thing. On the left you can see the board propped against the wall in my room and on the right after being straightened, cropped and framed.

I really don't like how his snout turned out, and his torso and arms aren't really in proportion. His eye's in completely the wrong place too*... his facial expression seems very wooden
*[EDIT] - Used computery magic to move his eye into a better position on the right-hand image. Still doesn't look quite right but better than before.
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