Gaurin Picture

Gaurin is an extremely complicated deity in my fictional little world.

He's the "evil" brother of the divine trinity, his siblings being Aio, the goddess who takes the shape of the sun, and Lun, a god who takes the shape of the moon.

Because I didn't want to follow any traditional conventions of either western or eastern theology, seeing as how this is an alien race, I had three gods take up the roles of the universe: light, darkness, and intervention/creation. Aio is a fierce goddess, something of a warrior/protector/mother. Unfortunately, because of her very nature, she is unable to directly influence the firmament except by providing light and warmth.
Lun was blinded by his sister before the world was created, and so sculpted the planet with his hands and went entirely by feel. Because he can't provide light or anything else of the sort, he often interacts with the Esani directly, helping them build and create. He represents all things of a passive and positive nature: peace, the arts, and constructive magic.
Gaurin, on the other hand, represents everything that his two siblings are not. He is the lack of warmth, the lack of light, the lack of movement, the lack of emotion. I'm really intrigued by him as a cosmic villain; because he isn't driven by the lust for power, destruction, or anything that any mortal could really comprehend, but rather the need for coldness, darkness, stillness, and isolation. Essentially, he is the vacuum of space, and is responsible for cosmic inflation. To him, the mortal creations of Lun, the Esani, are interfering with this fundamental goal of his, what with their ability to emanate warmth and to create life. Many, many shenanigans occur from his loathing of them. Because, like Aio, he cannot create anything himself, he manipulates Esani into doing his dirty work, and he hopes that they just end up destroying themselves. Plenty of wars happen because of this, and it's an extremely successful tactic until someone named Aiuron comes along, lots of shit goes down, and Gaurin is successfully driven back into the sky (space) for the most part, where he concocts the idea of cosmic expansion to drive the very universe apart as a rather frightening last ditch effort. They have yet to find out how to stop him.

So that's Gaurin. He's a fascinating character to think about in terms of a mythology, and I would really truly be scared to find out that he actually existed. Thank god he doesn't.

Crin spoke. “Why then do you and your sister not remove him from this world?”

“Though for all his ill-intent, he is a necessary force. His purpose is darkness, silence, and isolation. He seeks only to divide and separate. But without him, the Light would blind you as she did me; the land would burn, and all the seas would boil away. No, he is needed, but I will warn you that he desires neither power, nor wealth, and you must take care in the dark places of this world for he reigns there also.”

Gaurin © to me.
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