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I really love Gods lately and well i have a moon god so why not make a sun god, I'm making a goddess of Fate next cuz i have no control and no one can stop me eue

: Takumi Youta (Taku for short)

Age: Ha. He looks mid 20s early 30s

Species: Sun God

Birthday: June 1st

Gender: Male

Sexuality: super fucking gay

Relationship Status: Single Pringle and needs some love *throws him at you* love him

Height: 6’ 5”

Personality: He’s a very upbeat kind of guy; he is usually full of energy. He can get very flirtatious with guys he finds attractive or cute or if he likes to mess with people. He enjoys messing with humans since in reality he’s immortal, he grows bored. He likes to come off as a carefree guy, and usually a hopeless flirt and even possibly an asshat. Though in reality he can grow quite lonely and sad of his life often losing interest in things he once found enjoyable. Though he still does care for all creatures and humans alike and will always put you before himself.

Bio: He usually never left the heavens after his creation, he didn’t have much interest in earth or in the humans the other gods seemed to be infatuated with. Until the moon God forced him down to a trip to earth with him, to keep him company. It was then that he met his first lover, a human male who worked as an author. He stayed with him for a few years, before the human male learned he was a god, due to the whole not aging and being unable to actually get injured, physically. He didn’t think he deserved that, he ended up falling into a depression when he grew sick and took his own life.

This devastated Taku, because even though he was a god he couldn’t mess with the laws of nature, it would screw up the whole system. He ended up actually staying on earth though, moving through a sting of lovers as the time moved forward. Though he never seemed to find that special someone he felt he would even consider giving up his immortality for, or marrying.

While he wandered around earth he decided to pick up hobbies, writing, drawing, piano, the guitar and anything else that passes time. Eventually he settled in a nice apartment where he could paint with no problem. He works as a free lance artist and just paints for fun; his studio is filled with landscapes and portraits. He loves to paint people he finds interesting or beautiful, women and men.


-Cute things


-Warm weather

-Dressing nice



-Spicy foods
-Cute/ handsome men

-Painting, art



-The cold

-Overly sweet things

-Being alone


-Seeing other people upset

-Being unable to help

-Loud parties, or just loud crowds

-Cruel people


-He doesn’t actually go out telling people he’s a god

-He lives in a modest studio apartment

-he enjoys reading as well, not much for TV and if it is on it’s usually background noise

-He really loves helping people and brightening their days, he helps out at soup kitchens and often helps charities as well

-He works at a daycare as well sometimes

-Part time history/mythology teacher for a university, he also teaches litature

-hug him and he will love you forever

-Surprisingly does not have a lot of friends

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