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Ok, this image is mostly the fault of Sakky and DragonRhapsody.

On the Tower of Time, DragonRhapsody posted a profile and image of her character Sailor PinkBunny. Sakky made an off hand comment that Sailor BlueTiger would make a great name for a teammate. The clicked with my, as BlueTiger would so be me as a senshi. So I made an image and made a profile for her. Not that it was hard, really.

If you recognize her hair style, don't be too shocked. This is the hair style sported by my internet avatar. I just transfered it over. Since Makey is really me and BlueTiger is pretty much me this just made sense. There are some differences, though.

Her Profile:

Name: Makey Stonecastle
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 13
Blood Type: A+
Appearance: Makey has short, dark red hair that she styles into wild spikes. Her eyes are a weird golden yellow color that tend to glow in the dark, especially if she spent a lot of time in the sun during the day. She's 5'8'' and weighs a meager 145 lbs. She has a slender frame, but there is some muscle in her.
Clothing style: Makey wears very odd clothing. She likes to wear pants that are either quite baggy or fairly tight fitting. She likes tank tops and shirts with high collars but no sleeves. She really doens't like having to wear sleeves. She likes to wear chokers, knee high boots, toe socks, and rings.
Personality: Makey is a outgoing and cheerful, but is a little shy underneath it all. Her thing for blue eyes gets her into a lot of trouble. She spends a lot of time daydreaming. She's terrified of fire.

Fears: Having her heart broken, fire
Dislikes: Math, blood, being confined, the indoors, fire
Likes: Makey adores things that have a tiger stripe pattern, especially in natural tiger colors or in blue. She likes to be outdoors. She likes to take long walks while listening to music on her mp3 player.
Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza, strawberries
Least Favorite Food: Cheese, pickles, eggs
Favorite School Subject: Music, English, Gym
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond, opal
Favorite Color: Blue, green, silver
Favorite Mythological Animal: anything feline
Favorite Animal: cats of all kinds
Favorite Flower: catnip
Least Favorite Flower: anything with spiky thorns
Goals: To see the world, to be a famous writer
Strengths: Ability to get along with just about anyone
Weaknesses: Blue eyes, pretty boys
Hobbies: Driving, reading, going for walks
History: Little is known about Makey. That is to say, she doesn't talk much about herself. She's been hurt a lot by people, so she waits until she's sure about someone to tell them much about herself. She lives alone with her cat, Prowler, in a high rise apartment building.

Senshi Name: Sailor BlueTiger
Senshi Title: Blue Soldier of Tigers
Introduction Speech: "I stand for ice, tigers, and diamonds. I am Sailor Blue Tiger."
Aura Color: dark blue
Colors: dark blue, light blue, silver
Fuku Design: Click!
Henshin Phrase: Blue Tiger, Glittering Make Up!
Origin of Power/Influence: The color blue, tigers, and ice

Name of Power: Blue Tiger Glaciate
Description: A blue tiger cub appears on the ground in front of her and charges towards her target. When the tiger collides with the target, the target is hit wtih a blast of cold. Very rarely causes very mild frost bite.

Name of Power: Blue Diamond Chill
Description: Does more or less the same thing as 'Blue Tiger Glaciate', except it uses a chain of diamonds that lash out like a whip. It's much more likely to cause damage than its less evolved counterpart.

Blank by Lei-chan
Sailormoon (c) Takeuchi Naoko
Aquila (c) me
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