The Ammonite Rises Map Picture

Inspired by the works of RvBOMally, I made my own map. This map came from a silly idea of what happened if a group of buddies and I recieved great power and went insane by it as a result. My first map so I hope I did all right. Credit goes to whomever made the map blank and so on.


The History:

Some said the world would end in 2012. Few people took it seriously. However, they were right in a way. It would be the end of a world. In the United States, a young man discovered a strange website link taking to an obscure part of the Deep Web and shared it with his friends. Intrigued, they were led to search for strange objects. Most of them dismissed them at first, but circumstance pushed them into scenarios until they ended up in possession of it. On midnight of the 2012 Winter Solstice, these obejcts opened and this group of internet friends were changed forever.

These unknown artifacts granted them supernatural powers that fed off their imagination and enabled them to do fantastic things. However, like all power, it corrupts and all of them began succumbing to their inner desires, amplified by these objects and they took on new titles and new names. The fossil enthusiast and cartoonist was warped to become his robotic persona and became IOTA the Robotic Emperor. The jewish artist and writer was exposed to some power of the Abrahamic God and gained some power over creation, Sono Ketsuraku Rinku. The stoic and patriotic accountant saw the divine eagle that embodied freedom and empowered to become the Judge Lord. A questionably stable medical student traveled back to China and embraced his pre-existing insanity, becoming Radd the Mad. The young lab assistant found herself tangled in a twisted web of life and became the Spider Queen. Lastly, the young Hispanic author delved deeper into the mythology and mysticism of his homeland and his philosopies to become a Mesoamerican messiah figure, El Santo Dorado.

When the New Year began, these almighty six empowered beings began doing various acts and exploring their powers. All of them had superhuman physiology at first and some began doing good. However, they became more and more ambitious as their passions began to consume them. The years went by and it didn't take long for them to snap at intervals. The first was Radd the Mad. Having returned to China under the guise of medical studies, he indugled in his powers one drunken night and alerted the world the reveal of supernatrual phenomena. The Middle Kingdom found itself beginning to warp and change under the mind of Radd as he began influencing others to allow him to ascend into a prominent seat of government and beginning to lead to China to try and claim several of its neighbors back under it. Within the year, China became a bizarre and chaotic place as the landscape became twisted and nonsensical, yet retaining its beauty and at the heart of it all was Radd the Mad.

The Ammonite Wars began.

Despite only China being quarantined, the situation escalated out of hand. The Insane Artist known as Sono found himself delving deeper and deeper into his craft and found himself frustrated at lacking space. It was then he found the perfect canvas... a large desolate area where he can bring his creations to life... Russia. Making his way from Israel to Russia, he abandoned his sanity in the icy wastelands as he combined the myths of the Jewish golems along with his artistry and he began brining his art to life. The days of isolation with just him and his power caused him to grow crazier and crazier yet more and more powerful. Russia quickly took notice of the monsterious and bizarre creations being brought to life in their wastelands and sent their armies. Insane and refusing to surrender, Sono drew an unholy army with ice as canvas and blood as ink before bringing it to life and commanded them to lay ruin to the Russian armies. Within one hour, the abominations had been destroyed. Proclaiming the superiority over the arts above all, he proceeds to empower the arts in Russia and the artists, the musicians, the authors, they flock him to him... The Russian Bear has become broken and turned into the star of a massive artsy circus with the surrounding territories as the supporting cast with him as the autour and ringleader.

With these two mighty countried falling and the surrounding countries beginning to be consumed, the rest of the world flew into a tizzy. Europe began mobilizing, but found everything was not working. Their computers, their cars, their electronics... all malfunctioning. It all started in the Scandanavian lands. The fossil lover returned to the land of his ancestors and the isolation brought out his robotic persona. Driven to purge his land of the flesh, he began his final transformation as his body began taking surrounding technology and merging it. Flesh melted off as he strived to become the perfect robotic being. His mind spread to the European cyberspace and soon technology rebelled against humanity. Seeing the results in Russia and China, Europe implemented a two part plan of bombing the menace while evacuating as much of the populace and leaders into Northern Africa.

Despite the bleak situation, the Europeans were able to fight back extensively, partly because the awakening of the six began to activate other fringe mechanics. Germany donated the leftover occult science research from their disgraceful days of Nazism and were able to implement them for a better use. Updating them and adding more complex levels of mysticism, these occult weapons were able to fend back the robot emperor's assault as he had no understanding of magicks. Nevertheless, the result was inevitable and the last ships left Europe, leaving survivors at the mercy of the robot Emperor as he claimed Europe for his own.

The Judge Lord took advantage of the chaos and the fear and promised the Americans to lead them into a better tomorrow. His frenzied cries of patriotism, the sort that would bring eyerolls and annoyed looks now sounded like bells of hope to a more desperate American crowd. Having been elected, he proceeded to grant America the ultimate freedom, for all men and women to do as they please. With the only opposition being the holy papers of the Bill of Rights and Constitution along with a powerful state army, the civilians' lives were their own. Many of the more level-headed civilians realized the rammifications of letting people's inhibitions being thrown to the wind and began trekking over to Canada, eager to escape. The Judge Lord has no dreams of manifest destiny and instead shielded America from the world and began bringing out its true best.

As the remnants of the worlds began being dissolved into chaos, two remained. The Santo Dorado led his family back to his homeland, now bloodier and more corrupt than ever from the divide of rich and poor and the plans of drug lords. No more... The Santo Dorado decreed no more. Appearing as a mixture of the Mesoamerican cultural heroes and Jesus Christ, he brought his intense anger upon the drug lords and any of those corrupt in his way. Embraced as a savior, he began leading Mexico to take Central America before fighting South America. All the while in Austrailia, the Spider Queen began her wrath. The dangerous lands appealed to her and she began her process of turning the people into spider/human hybrids. The panicked people accepted it as their only way to survive in this crazy world while others fled to the ocean islands, where they prepared the others to fight a war to prevent becoming spiderized. Within a decade, the lands belonged to these sinister six and chaos ruled as the people fought proxy wars over their new homes.

Eventually, everything settled down and life goes on...


The World As Is:

The world is divided into two factions, the Ammonite Alliance and the World Alliance. These Titans have not aged barely and have grown slightly saner by time, allowing them to set-up somewhat stable rules.

The Free States of America is a mess. A bizarre combination of near-anarchy yet total law, it is ruled by the Judge Lord. A figurehead of sorts, he does little but lives as he pleases. Americana is the big thing as people play up the folklore and strengths of the American past. While some people embraced anarchy and caused harm, they were balanced by vigilantes. Furthermore, The Judge Lord has become the center of a cult of personality. While church and whatever small government remains seperated, most of everyone is united by the eagle song in their hearts, all to the tune of the Judge Lord. As such, there is relative peace and they workship him by living as pure Americans as they possibly can. Suprisingly, this is less racist and sexist than it sounds. There is equality, but only in capitalism. A libertarian pseudotheocracy, the Judge Lord remains in the White House and doing what he pleases, which seems to be mainly the hobbies before all of this. However, the isolationist principles he settled down meant that it was many years of darkness before they could become dependent and some things had to be sacrificed though some imports and exports were allowed, if only with Atzlan. Their technology has advanced to allow antigravity technology and atomic power to dominate the lands. The aesthetic in the pristine areas remind one of retro-futurist areas. The Free States have a vintage America charm to it and the American Dream is kept alive by the prayers of the people and the dreamer that is the Judge Lord. Just be willing to leave most of everything of your old culture behind as there are self-proclaimed enforcers to ensure pure Americaness.

Speaking of, Aztlan is arguably the most successful and peaceful area of the domains ruled. El Santo Dorado has transformed Mexico and cleaned up the streets, maing it beautiful and pristine. A wonderful holiday spot to those who would join, it has become a strong economic and cultural powerhouse, thanks to the foresight and planning of the Santo. Gold decorates many of the pristine buildings and the roads provide solar energy to the continent along with the fusion reactors. The state of government appears to be a form of socialist democracy and mixed with some elements of shamanism and mysticism. They produce a great deal of tropical products and are home to several new universities. However, they also allowed the production and spread of drugs, albeit under some tight control. Marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and peyote are widespread in usage, but carefully monitored. Beyond that, there is a booming movie industry relying on independents and technology is growing thanks to the Aztecha Corporation. El Santo Dorado is arguably the most active ruler. While occasionally doing the daily work, he sometimes mitigates that to his elected council and spends the time getting to know the people. He would also sometimes fly over to his domains in Africa, ensuring the quality of life there and to get a taste of the fresh chocolate. His attempts of conquering South America have been halted since Brazil united with most of the South American conuntries. Beyond this, he has also been unafraid to contact some nations for the World Alliance. It is unknown if he wants to make mere peace, conquer them or stab his allies in the back.

However, these are among the only relatively good spots. The others aren't as nice. The Sonosian Dominion is home to the Mad Artist. While technology has remained relatively stagnant outside of the pieces they get from the Iotaian Empire, the Sonosian rely on the thuamaturgy of the artists. Artists of all sorts have risen to become like powerful magicians and there is an appreciation toward passion, talent and dedication. The Sonosian Dominion stopped its expansion upon finally taking Israel. It was noted that the Mad Artist has achieved a more relative form of sanity. He instead passes the daily work to his council, whom are elected by the people. The Mad Artist gets a large vote, but is content to creating his own individual worlds and perfecting his art to really care about what is going on, requiring sometimes physical blows to get his attention. Most of the Russian landscape is sealed off due to it serving as one large canvas for the Mad Artist. Moscow however remains capital and he usually arrives daily for a vote, before leaving. The rest of the Sonosian Dominion is ruled by the artists and employ a strange form of magic to ensure daily life. Nervous breakdowns are all too common in this cultural splendor so asylums and psychology studies are doing well.

However, a majority of them are no match for the inane realms that is the Madradian Bloc. Home to Radd the Mad, it's one of the least understood places of the world, due to the enigmatic nature of Radd himself. A moderate dystopia where the mentall challenged go over and claim as home, the landscape is somewhat unchanged, but scientists have found that many irregularities in physics occur here. Radd the Mad serves as an almight mad seer to the emperors of each land and they rely on him for their wisdom. Despite this, there is quite a high level of equality and the people are pretty empathic (excluding the sociopaths and psychopaths) once you get to know them. However, crime rate is pretty high as some people give into temptation and go here to liberate themselves from life. In fact, a common practice is for sane people to be kidnapped and taken, so they can be turned into deviants for specific purposes. The Madradian Bloc serves as a dumping ground for the insane and troubled. However, some of the best and practical medicine schools are found here and so everyone here is relatively healthy and acceptance is for everyone though they often must keep the foreign students away from the crazier folk. All in all, a place where one indugles in whatever perverse fantasies they have and if the real world is too hard, they are always welcome here.

However, the most active threat comes from The Iotian Empire. Ruled by the Robot Emperor IOTA, his goal is to conquer the worl and beyond with his vast armies of machines. Having settled into his ancestral land of Scandanavia, most of the three countries serves as a hypercompuer where he rules from his throne of power. Containing many power plants to power the massive computerized land, there is little human life. He appears to revive dinosaurs and holds them in special weather domes for his own amusement and produces cartoons in his free time. However, it is unknown what exactly he does there. Meanwhile, he rules over Europe with an iron or rather steel and iridium fist. The leftover people working to help process new machinery or used as test subjects to 'robotocize' them. While he serves as the robotic emperor, he actually has vassals in the form of robots given an extent of free will and modeled after Norse mythology, Swedish folklore and dinosaurs. The only untouched place is Egypt, where he constructed a cat-based wonderland for his surrogate younger sister. He also keeps tabs with his fellow conquerors, albeit they do serve as the only thing stopping from him ruling the earth.

That leaves the Spider Queen left. She took over Austrailia and the outland heartland serves as a research facility for her creepy experiments. Having become a human/spider hybrid, she has a desire to turn others into the same. She has sampled using various methods such as viruses or fusion pods and had limtied success. However, it was more than enough to claim her domain and New Zealand. The rough landscape and various animals work against her, but she encounters with her freaky experiments. Furthermore, her spiderpeople ran rapid across the land and would kidnap people until everyone had become spiderpeople. Serving as a traditional kingdom, she rules over her subjects somewhat fairly and spends most of her time trying to conquer Oceania to turn them into more of her subjects. With tourism gone, the area is pretty much isolated. Most of the people spend their time foraging for food across the landscapes and raising families. It is suspected that are still pockets of humans left, but they have not yet been found.

Against them lies the World Alliance. Having been found from the remnants of the older countries some 200 years ago, they have managed to keep up through the use of their occult sciences and drive to put an end to the maniacs once and for all. First is Canada. Having become more like the OTL United States, it was the haven for people to flock to when they didn't want to be in the radical new United States. One of the most powerful countries, they have managed to remain steady thanks to hard work. However, rumors flow about that when some government officials left, they took some alien artifacts and space technology to Canada in order to ensure some aces in case war were to break out again. Furthermore, fringe circles claim that they have contacted native spirits there to help stop the spread of the cult of personality from the Judge Lord. While Canada barely interacts with the United States nowadays (largely because of the Judge Lord no liking the syrup chuggers too much), they actually get along quite well with Atzlan though any plans for a secret alliance appears to be out for now.

The Arcane Kingdom of Britannia stands tall and proud against the Iotian onslaught and have been locked in battle since then. Ever since the rise of the maniacs, other supernatural events happened as a result, one of which being the return of magic to Britain. Calling upon the modern druid societies along with the lost works of Aleister Crowley, they have protected themselves from the machine empire's wrath. Furthermore, by updating the old plan from the Nazi's failed wonderweapons, they are able to maintain an equal power against them. Beyond that, Britannia remains somewhat isolated. Having replaced their ties of the United States with that of Canada, it has retained its famous stiff upper-lip. Recently, they have begun delving into alchemy once more and have begun updating the old systems such as with the platinum group and the noble gases. While nothing major has come up, the rumors have been enough for Atzlan to develop an interest with and give them some raw materials to help heep them going. Life remains relatively the same for the constitutional monarchy, but magic has become more widespread and modernized for people to use. Schools have been set up and so have universities as they explore more into the magical arts.

Their other major ally is the Republic of Euroafrica. Each African country was desginated a zone for the people of a European country to go to. The major countries being France, Spain along with Portugal, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy and a miscellaenous zone. The people began fleeing by the many and resulted in plenty of bloody conflict due to racial tensions and the harsh conditions. However, the more saavy people began helping to bring good business into the country and back up to its feet. 200 years later, the Europeans have integrated into the African society and standards of living have shot up significally. Each of the country takes inspiration from the African background mixed in with some inspiration from a European country. While the change has been harder for some nations, especially Scandanavia, they managed to pull through and form a new version of the European Union. Originally they were defenseless until they were granted a deal with Aztlan: In exchange for some countries on the Cacao Belt, he would give them information. This information turned out to be basic rituals for contacting deities. By modifying them with the help of local shamans, they were able to apply Berber beliefs in order to protect them. Combined with the remnants of Greek mythology and the wonderweapons of Germany, the region was safe. Pretty diverse if still mildly volatile due to remaining tensions, it serves as an okay haven, though they get into spats with their neighbors.

To the right, the Islamic African States have settled in a similar fashion. While the conflict was of smaller scale compared to the Europeans, it continued on for longer namely due to the religious beliefs. Nonetheless, they were able to aqcuire some form of spiritual protection thanks to some of their stronger preists. Remaining a theocracy, the place can sometimes be volatile due to religion, but they have been steadily smoothing that out. However, the loss of Mecca to the Sonosian has been a deveasting moral blow and some often switch to the Dinka religion as a coping mechanism, fueling the fire. Technology is pretty okay, but not coming close to the supertech some of the others have. Nonetheless, their faith is strong enough to survive the conditions and their solar farms and water purification systems are doing well for them. Some desperate people have attempted to sneak into the Sonosian Empire to make the pilgrimage. Those who do come a bit scarred, but sometimes with pieces of tech salvaged from junkyards and originating from the Iotian Empire.

This leaves the United South African States and Brazil as the other members. The USAS was formed out of opportunity and despite many close calls, has done pretty okay. Relyong the most on supernatural intervention, namely Zulu mythology. Wanting to fully use the power of their ancestors, they began researching into the soul and an Afrofrench man from above came with the secret, having studied at the Sonosian Empire art schools and had a moment of insight during a nervous breakdown.

élan vital

The discovery of this etheral substance allowed them to channel into the benevolent force of their ancestors and help bring prosperity to the land. Sangomas and inyangas work together in order to contact the ancestor spirits to donate and channel this marvelous material. Currently, it is done carefully and bit by bit. Described as like blood donation, it currently allows the USAS to maintain a distinct advantage, but some fear that this may lead down a dark road like the Maniacs.

Brazil followed a similiar pattern. When Atzlan began mobilizing, they spent no time in creating a powerful strong pact with some of the South American countried to ensure their independence. Using the élan vital process, they were able to summon the help of the Apu or the spirits of the mountains from Incan folklore. Relying on them to fight back against the forces of Atzlan, they finally ended the war with their own ace in the hole. By performing the sacred Inti Raymi and offering a great deal of élan vital to the Willaq Umu, they were able to create a supersolider based off the sun god Inti. This resulted in a fight between El Santo Dorado and the Willaq Umu, but a truce was created before permanant damage to the land was made. Ever since Brazil and its territories have been doing well on their own. They rely on sacrifices of élan vital to statues of gods mixed with machines in order to secure good days. Incan festivals have been added and Carnival is still an important matter. The people live quite well and they get along with Canada. However, the misuse of the etherious material has been on the rise by a new generation of drug lords and thus must deal with this.

While the world is held in gentle balance, the final secret lies in the Vault of Silence. It was recently discovered that dangerously high levels of qunatum irregularies have been occuring here and that it may hold many terrible secrets. The six only have gone there and none have said what lies there, except one. In the center lies one last Maniac, known as the DragonMan. Having denied his calling, he was given the land anyway, but was horrible mutated by the presence there. While his conscious remains isolated and playing with penguins, his body was said to have become a powerful cannon capable of destorying countries.

Credit goes to all my friends who inspired me with this.
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