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This is second entry of 3 for LittleYellowPikachu contest: Rapturix Villain.

This is the entry for category 2:

Design a villain for season 2 of Rapturix Club

So I present you Keres - The Planetary Curse
AN means Author Notes.
She's holding Zenith as a miniature in her hand

Name: Keres

Power: Black Holes
Type: Independent Witch

Abilities: Keres, better known as Planetary Curse, is able to capture planets in the magic dimension. She can change the size of planets to make them as big as a glass bead. She is a real threat to the magic dimension, because she’s unable to be defeated that easily. In her own little trophy room, a black hole she created, there are 30 different planets. She is also able to catch people in those black holes. By making the planets tiny, she can absorb a part of the magical power there.

Personality: Keres is an evil witch that somehow was able to flee from a planet where magic is blocked by special shields. She is a person you shouldn’t joke with. Furthermore she hates teaming up with other witches or creatures, because she wants to have the power of the magical dimension for herself. Keres is a creature created by an ancient power named Nyx. However Keres was first part of an assassination group until she decided to kill the others in order to become powerful as a single witch.

AN: Keres is the name of a greek mythology group that existed to portrait death.
Season Synopsis:

- The girls defeat the villain from season 1 and go back to Alfea

- They get informed by the headmaster (Faragonda?), that an evil creature came back after years of absence and attacks Zenith.

- They try to travel there just to notice, that the planet isn’t there anymore.

- On the way back home a girl (maybe Arley?) from the group gets a call from her parents, that the creature is attacking their realm.

- They travel there and attack the creature with the name Keres. Unable to give her any damage she kidnapped the parents (Maybe a connection between the royal pair and Keres past?), letting the girl unconscious about what happened.

- Some days they don’t hear anything about Keres, leading them to research about hear. They find out about her history and that no one until today was able to defeat her.

- When they’re heading their dorm, a student (from one of their realms) runs at them telling a shocking news.

- Another hometown was attacked, leading the girls to travel there and try their best.

- Keres is destroying the realm and attacks the people in the city. She creates a black hole to steal the magic power of the people.
The girls sees how her sister/mother gets absorbed by the hole, leading her to interfere the process and gaining her Enchantix.

- Keres leaves, without anyone knowing it. The girls are happy that they stopped Keres (temporarily) and forget about the girls (Arley?) kidnapped parents.
This leads to a discussion between her and the others. So she decides to find Keres and to help her parents.


AN: I don’t want to give the whole plot, because it should be just an idea. But as you can see I was thinking about giving Arley an important role this season. It could be connected between her, the goddess Caelestis and Keres.

Except for Keres all other characters belong to LittleYellowPikachu
Art and idea by Me
Base by winx-base

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