[PotA] Chataya's Nasty Surprise Picture

Her expression was so much fun to draw. xD Two of three PotAs for JusDrein-JusDaun's woof from Tokotas, Chataya!

Your Tokota awakes in a body that is not of their own species (human, animal, mythological, anthropomorphic.) While learning to cope with their unfamiliar anatomy, they must find a way to return to their natural self.
Location: Tyonek City
RoD Companion: Wolf

Bonus Short Story (564)

What... what was going on? This. Was not. Okay. She was... she was bald! All of her beautiful fur was gone. Replaced with... with... clothes. Awful clothes that smothered her like a bad blanket and and... and... and squeezed her armpits!

Crinkling her too-flat face and squinting at her too-dainty hand, she brought her palm up to her face and took a great big sniff. And smelled nothing. Uch, how did humans live like this? Her feet were all soft with silly squiggly toes that were tickled way too easily by grass. The only fur she still had left was piled on top of her head like some great mop that went everywhere when she moved. It had an especially uncanny ability to land in her eyes too, much to her intense dissatisfaction.

Her canine companion could do little more than sit beside her and watch her with a disgruntled look. Chataya in turn gave the wolf an equally disgruntled snort. That look she was receiving was entirely unappreciated; it was not as if she had intentionally gone to sleep and woken up bald with freakishly long legs, arms that were too short for standing on, clothes that constricted her in all the wrong places, and worst of all, she'd turned into a midget! At least if she had awoken as a tiny toki, she would still have her hearing and smell and fur back. Not to mention her butt felt five kinds of wrong with no tail attached to it.

But there was one thing that made it maybe sort of a tiny little less bad: by the spirits could she see. Apparently, human eyes lacked for nothing when it came to color. The field was such a bright emerald. Her skin was a beautiful brown. And the sky? It was one of the most vibrant she had ever seen. The world had appeared as gray as her clothes before. But now she saw so many hues and shades she'd never thought existed. If she were to remain stuck like this, having vision as literally eye-opening as this was at least a very nice upside. Unfortunately, however... it was really the only one.

Even if she learned to tolerate her wobbly twig-legs, it seemed like all it would take would be a breeze to blow her right over. How humans went around upright all the time, and somehow managing to not constantly trip and fall over themselves constantly, was nothing short of miraculous. But speaking of breezes, even if they didn't knock her over, just the faintest ones were enough to send these unnerving bumps rippling across her naked skin. Her she was, on a nice summer day (never mind that the temperature wasn't exactly balmy), in the sun, and she was getting chills! Why humans had to bundle themselves up like fat fluffy caterpillars really began to make a whole lot of sense, too.

Nope. Nope, she was not interested in staying in the silly, impractical form of a human. She wanted her four sturdy limbs and her nice thick claws, her chompy teeth and movable ears, her nice swishy tail and trusty paw pads, and above all else, she wanted to not wear these armpit-smothering clothes!

With another huff, she gave the palm in front of her face another sour look as if this whole problem was her hand's fault. Hmph.

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