2nd-year - Hiyori Matsumoto Picture

This is, as the picture’s title states, yet but once again Hiyori Matsumoto: the OC in my newest (still unposted) fanfiction for the ever-popular Persona series. Mysterious, reserved, and a little bit rebellious, she keeps to herself and prefers to be left alone. Unfortunately, the Investigation Team is already onto her… or so they think.

This is her as a second-year in Yasogami High’s uniform. Ain’t she cute? Heheh… *coos* Though you can see she deliberately chooses not to wear the correct uniform shirt underneath her sweater, she has sewn the school crest onto the left shoulder strap of the cami she wears instead. *sweatdrop* Yes, her individual style changed a bit in a year. *sigh* The guidance counselors have kinda given up on hounding her for it, since she’s otherwise a decent student and no one seems to care much about what she wears so long as she’s got some part of the uniform on.
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