Ignisiel, God of Fire and Yearning Picture

[ENG] The God behind Polenianus (about him: johndrawer.deviantart.com/art/…), a character that I'm increasing.
A few of words about that God: Since her mother Magna Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom) has been punished and enchained into Sceol (Kingdom of Deads), he's very angry with her father Jiv, the punisher, and with her brothers and sisters that fight to be the next Milk Way's dominator, but he also loves the Eastern Roman Empire, he admires his old glories, so now he lives as a Rhomanoi general (Polenianus) between common mortals with intention to reconquer precedente New Rome's colonies, and as a God that fight the family to save her mother from Sceol.
Here his maxim that shows how he is so ambitious:

Per la Gloria,
Per la Vittoria,
Per la Storia,
Per la Corona
il Vecchio brucerà,
un nuovo Sole sorgerà,
e Nea Aepoka si che giungerà!

Traduction (ENG):

For the Glory,
For the Victory,
For the History,
For the Crown
the Old will burn,
a new Sun will rise,
and so a New Era will arrive!

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