Kaijudo: Katherine Picture

Name: Katherine "Kat" Greenbell
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 104lbs

Katherine is just another average female that grew up in San Campion. She lived in a average house, living an average life. Nothing was very eventful for Kat, not even her school life. Though, she was a bit "obsessed" with mythology. The legends and myths of any time period on any creature, you ask and she knew. She knew a bit on history as well. Kat was like a nerd in a cheerleader's body. Because of this mix up, her friends were all scrambled as well. She had one or two friends that were "popular" while the others were "at the bottom" of the school's popularity list. Katherine tries to make friends with everyone, but strays away from the bullies and jerks.

One day, she was walking home when she saw three of her friends; Ray, Allie, and Gabe, run down an alley. Curious, Kat followed the trio and looked down the alley. She saw the trio, but they were also accompanied by these strange and wonderful creatures. Katherine fainted at the sight of the creatures. It was about an hour later when she came to, and the trio was overlooking her well being. Katherine immediately questioned them on the creatures, asking about what they were. She fainted from excitement, not fear. Kat begged to know everything, but sadly, they said they needed to talk to some others before.

Katherine was brought to the masters, and they told them of what she saw. But Ray also spoke how she was very interested in the creatures, to try and prevent her mind being wiped. The Masters gave her a chance, and they allowed her to practice. Kat now trains alongside her friends, learning the basics and slowly getting better at the ways of Kaijudo.

Katherine has this strange feeling around her. When others interact with her, they do things that seem unlikely. This applies to both creatures and people. Katherine is normally perky, sweet, and kind. She gets scared rather easily, even when the situation is dealt with. Kat also has a bit of a temper, which can be easily set off when her hair gets messed up.

Light Civilization:
Iere, Vizir of Bullets(Partner) Nickname: Shooti
Halon Nickname: Jab
Sun-Stalk Seed Nickname: Sunny
Star Lantern Nickname: Nova

Water Civilization:
Frogzooka Nickname: Hoppa
Hydrobot Crab Nickname: Pincer
Aqua Commando Nickname: Skeeter
Cyber Lord Corile Nickname: Corile
Cybergrid Bandit Nickname: Viral
Snapping Eel Nickname: Thicskull

Darkness Civilization:
Marrow Ooze Nickname: Shifty
Skeeter Swarmer Nickname: Jack
Skeleton Soldier Nickname: Bones
Jagila the Hidden Nickname: Jagilabox
Phosphorescent Ghost Nickname: Flashy
Spinning Terror Nickname: Terrence
Toothed Grubling Nickname: Snaggle
Arachnoir of Cobweb Cavern Nickname: Crawly Creepy
Dagger Doll Nickname: Stubs

Fire Civilization:
Blaze Belcher Nickname: Belch
Kenina the Igniter Nickname: Kenina
Cindermoss Quartz Nickname: Stalag

Nature Civilization:
Ambush Scorpion Nickname: Sneaky
Essence Elf Nickname: Evelyn
Carniverous Dahlia Nickname: Dahila
Splinterclaw Wasp Nickname: Bee
Thorny Creeper Nickname: Barber
Transforming Totem Nickname: Mystic
Scissor Scarab Nickname: Snip
Spore Siren Nickname: Puff
Skulking Cypress Nickname: Moan

Notable Creatures:

Iere, Vizir of Bullets: Iere was the first creature Kat summoned. She nicknames him "Shooti" as that is what he loves to do. Shooti was first intrigued by Katherine because she had long hair. It strangely resembled his antennas, so he was fastinated by her. Shooti soon became close to Kat as more and more battles unfolded. He has his own language which Kim soon was able to understand.

Sun-Stalk Seed: The second creature she has successfully summoned. Kat nicknamed this one "Sunny." Sunny is just as often summoned as Iere is.

Cyber Lord Corile: Kat was accidentally sent through the Veil whenever she held onto another creature when defeated. Since it was a Water Civilization creature, she was instantly teleported to the bottom of the Veil's oceans. It was luck, that before she could drown a Aqua Commando was nearby. He quickly got Kat to safety, and watching over her was Cyber Lord Corile. As the other Cyber Lords had experiences with humans, she did not have much interaction. Katherine was happy to provide Corile with plenty of information on humans, and the two became decent friends. Kat only really calls on when she needs information.

Aqua Commando: The same soldier that rescued her in the Water Civilization. After she was checked out and safely secured by Corile, he was told to safely deposit her onto shore. Katherine thanked him once she was on land, but they were soon ambushed by Fire forces. With a bit of her help, the creature and human duo managed to push them back. Kat gave him the nickname "Skeeter," after his swiftness and speed.

Dagger Doll: Dagger Doll was encountered on a resuce mission. Once again, Allie was gone and her friends guessed that she was in the Darkness Realm with Megaria; learning the ways of the dark. The Evil Toys were a force for protection, but there was one that was left behind. Kat managed to sneak around them and ran into Dagger Doll. he seemed damaged and he was tossed away like nothing. Despite the warnings she received and the appearance of Dagger Doll, Katherine took it upon herself to help him. Sadly, all she got in return is a small cut on her cheek and a evil chuckle before he disappeared. Later when Megaria ordered her attack on the Duel masters, Dagger Doll came back and defended Kat against the ongoing battle. After the chaos, Dagger Doll stayed and showed and interest to Kat. She nicknamed him "Stubs" and promised that she would use him again.

Toothed Grubling: Another trip through the Darkness Realm Kat accidentally stumbled upon a nest of these beings. A few of the grubs were not fully grown yet, one in particular took sight of Kat. But he never attacked. Instead, the newly hatched grub nuzzled her. Kat gave him the name "Snaggle" since his teeth were the most obvious feature about him.

Blaze Belcher: The first Fire Realm Creature she summoned. He quickly gained the name "Belch" but Kat first called him "Munchy" because of his attraction to her homework that day. Belch gets the most treats from Katherine since he can eat anything flammable.

Essence Elf: She was the first creature met in the stables. Katherine was fond of her, since it reminded her of the mythology she loved. Kat often summons her just as a friend or to bond in training. She named the Essence Elf "Evelyn."

Carnivorous Dahila: Katherine was a natural with plants. The Carnivorous Dahila was befriended when she was traveling through the Nature Realm. Kat saw that she was injured and with the right help from Master Kimora, she healed. Kat simply calls her "Dahila" since it sounds like a girl's name and is the perfect match for her new plant friend. When she summons her, she'll say "Dahila the Carnivorous" instead of "Carnivorous Dahila."


I think I may have tried too hard at her design. But still, if you've seen my journal then you saw this coming. This is my Kaijudo character.

A small mentioning of Iere. I know that most of the creatures from Kaijudo were renamed into something else, but I never found Iere so I just changed his design a bit and kept the name. Since Mighty Shouter kept his name.

Oh, and I made the glove at: www.kaijudo.com/the-dojo/#/arm…

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