GreenlandAPH Picture

Country's Name: Greenland.
Kalaalit Nunaat

Capital: Nuuk

Government: Constitutional Monarchy. Parliamentary System

Languages: West Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), East Greenlandic (Tunumiit oraasiat), Danish.

Human Name:

  • Viola Kjeldsen ((Danish))

  • Niviaaluk Arnannguaq ((Greenlandic))

Age Appearance: 20

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Purple

Height: 5’0

Weight: 148 lb

Body Parts/Etc. Representing Part of Country? If so, List Them:

  • Eye color Represents national flower the Chamerion latifolium/Dwarf fireweed

  • Birthmark on her back that represents Qaqortoq.

  • small scar that represents the thule air base B-52 crash

  • The small patch sewed into her scarf represents Danish colonization.

Personality: Greenland is shy towards new people, due to be closed off to the world until WWll, but warms up to them pretty quickly. She’s almost always smiling and is a bit of an alcoholic ((<-- Social problem in Greenland)). Greenland can be paranoid, due to inuit mythology (<--I might take out this part of her personality). Overall she’s very calm and shy.

Likes: Dog mushing, Coffee, beer, the Midnight Sun, Skiing, fishing.

Dislikes: Denmark, Canada, lack of products in her stores, how short the summers are, people that assume that she lives in a igloo, being accused of killing cute helpless animals, such as the seal.

Fears: Global warming, the high suicide rate in Greenland, she doesn’t show it, but she’s a little scared of Denmark.

Family: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, Hans Island, and Alaska.

Friends: America, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, her family.

Potential Love Interest: Not sure yet…It might be Norway.

Pets: Huskie named Nuka.

Past Caretakers: Iceland and Norway. Denmark.


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