Chell/Siegfried App Picture


Name: Chell
Gender: Female
Species: Pure bred Doberman pinscher
Age: 2
Height: 28 inches
weight: 69 lbs
Birthday: ???
Hair color: Black and Brown
Eye color: light brown
Sexual orientation:
Family members: mother and two sisters
Mate/partner: none
Responsibilities or jobs: Eyes of Tramber Lyre, Companion, Friend


Name: Siegfried
Gender: Female
Species: ?????
Age: ????
Height: Varies
weight: Varies
Hair color: Blue Red and Moldy yellow
Eye color: Black
Sexual orientation: whatever
Mate/partner: none
Responsibilities or jobs: seek master, guide to the fallen and lost


Character's past:
Chell's life began in the back room of a fighting rink and puppy mill. Born by two Doberman parents-she was expected along with her sisters to bring in a lot of money. She had a smaller runt brother who was drowned for being too small and her father was finally killed for turning and attacking his handler. Around the time she was two weeks old-the rink and mill was broken up by the ASPCA and Chell and her family were brought into the shelter system. While her mother and sisters were adopted-Chell was placed into a seeing eye dog program to train her to be a guide. Although she passed numerous tests with flying colors-she remained always a bit scatterbrained. Very few people wanted the bad rapped breed to guide them-let alone a silly animal like Chell. She was placed back into the shelters for another year due to her Unadoptability.
She was eventually adopted by an Asian woman whose Nephew had recently gone blind in an accident.

Character's present state:
Chell currently resides with her blind ward Tramber Lyre. She has become the only creature he seems openly friendly to aside from a few select other human beings. She spends most of her mornings in the backyard, digging and rolling about as a dog will and her evenings with Tramber-either simply being his companion or being his eyes as she guides him thru the city.

Their personality:
Chell may appear to be goofy at times and does little to enforce the stereotype of being a vicious killer dog. She is very innocent and incredibly gentle around smaller children. Her half year of training gave her immense patience. When it comes down to Trambers welfare-she knows the diffrence between a time to play and a time to work. She loves Tramber with every fiber of her canine soul can possibly muster and it makes her rather happy to see him happy.

Peanut butter, small butterflies, Tramber Tramber Tramber, things that go squeak squeak, being told she's a good dog, other dogs in a friendly social manner, small children who give nice soft gentle paps, other nice humans.

Being scolded, accidentally eating bees, plastic and or tinfoil, Tramber's Aunt Mei ( Chell thinks she's trying to eat her) TRAMBER MAKING OHT WITH SILVER AND ORANGE HAIRED BOY. DID CHELL SAY YOU COULD DO THAT? NO SHE DID NOT-STAHPPET RITE NAOW.

Relationships outside of dream realm:


Reason behind dream form:
Chells only desire in life is to be an even better guide for Tramber. She is based upon two different canines of lore-Fernir the eater of the sun and moon from Norse mythology and Coyote the trickster from Native American folklore. Both are very primal aspects and have both good and bad in them. She desired to guide and is covered in many eyes. Her pelt is able to change colors to match her environment. (If you squint you can often pick out her outline) and she has the ability to grow as large or as small as she pleases. Usually she stays between the sizes of a medium sized dog or a small pony. She only grows larger when she attempts to disipline something.
Siegfried is a Germanic word meaning Sig-Victory and Frithu-peace and protection.
Siegfried is also the name of a dragon slaying hero from a famous German opera: The Ring of Nibelung.

Character's present state:
Siegfried currently runs wild and rampant about the dream realm. Having no master to discipline her-she does as she wants. Urban legand among the dreamers is that if you catch her-she'll grant you a wish. (This is an utterly bogus claim, but nearly everyone believes it) she often plays games of cat and mouse with the dreamers that chase her. She also has a tendancy to steal from others openly and believes they are playing some form of tag. Most of the time-she out runs them and gives them back their posession after they've worn themselves out.

Their personality:
She is a very odd creature. At times-she can be very still and quiet one would mistake her for a colorful statue. She seems fixated on her mission to find a suitable master. Her playful side is a bit wilder and she doesn't often understand why a person is mad at her. She seems to love people and being helpful. She'll often go out of her way to guide the lost back to safety.
Her bark is very bizzare because t sounds a bit like a hyenas laughter. If you listen carefully you might eventually figure out what she's yapping about.

Likes and Dislikes:
Siegfried doesn't seem to hate anything-maybe having her jewlry tugged upon or being bopped in the nose will earn you a snapping. She does seem to enjoy the company of anyone-even the people who chase her because she believes it all in good fun. She hates it though when someone tries to assert their dominance over her.

Relationships outside of reality:
Dante: nice human. Fun to play with

Shadow: follow Dante around. Very nice. Good dog. Must remember to play with again.

Jaggity: strange funny cat. Call me funny words. Think respect. Weird....

What bad things happen when they spawn a nightmare? Why?
The sun symbol on her forehead becomes a moon and the entire area around her becomes soaked in inky darkness. She acts savagely as a coyote and her legs are often entangled by the bandages and she stumbled and trips. With each fall-she grows more vicious.
But this is very rare and uncommon.

What good things happen when they spawn a fantasy? Why?
Siegfried seems to glow with her own light that spreads happiness to other miserable beings and brings light to the darkest of locations. She'll often seek nightmare dreamers and attempt to guide them back into sanity.

Chell/Siegfried (c) me
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