Outlander (Iegatnis) Picture

Had even more trouble than with the last one, since the original name - "Iegātnis" does not translate. Originally the term stands for a man who comes to live in the new bride's household instead of doing it the traditional way - opposite. But here it stands just for a stranger, outlander, somebody who isn't originally from around here.
Back in the old days, people had some serious trust issues, any outsider was viewed as potentially dangerous. People did not travel as much and any success was based on locals being able to work together - if you're an outsider - you have not contributed to the general prosperity therefore you don't deserve any trust.
However, this dude has been here and there and learned a way to weasel out of any situation. He is the perfect ancient businessman. Although he looks kinda like an asshole here, he can be very persuasive and appear kind, strong or whatever the situation calls for (doesn't mean he's not kind or strong by himself
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