Bit and Bytes - Queton X Classic digivolution Picture


Level: Rookie
Type: Vaccine
Group: Digimon Animal

Digimon created by entity Homeostasis to be the definitive hero Digimon, GranDracmon tried to destroy him before he was born, but failed because of the protection of Homeostasis, leaving as the only damage a partial breakdown of its original name: Queton.

This is Queton mutated by the antibody-X.

The data of Queton consist of video game heroes.

Queton presents an adventurous personality, determined, committed himself and slightly egocentric and presumed, but despite that always helps to any being that it is in trouble. It has a strength and speed far superior to the average of the Digimons Rookie, even rivaling some Digimons champions, only surpassed by its reckless in combat.


· Súper Spin Dash: Queton uses its own Center of gravity to rotate at high speed over it, and launch is required on the target with great force.

· Heroic Sky Punch: Queton invokes the "Homeostasis light" around their fists to confer a force capable of destroying the evil and darkness.

· Mirror Attack: Queton first noted alterations in the rival code to imitate him and throw the same attack.


Level: Champion
Type: Virus
Group: Digimon Beast/Mutant.

Form evolved of Queton which still owns the "name bug".

BigQueton has a disproportionate combative instinct and a wild personality that makes an almost uncontrollable Digimon, only a heart very close to his heart could stop him on a few occasions. during the fight between Homeostasis and Grandracmon, Homeostasis managed to steal a little Grandracmon power to give it to Queton, the arms and legs of Queton are a reflection of this destructive power. A test of will for Queton

Such is their hunger for combat that BigQueton always looking for Digimon of higher level than their own, and, same your stage Rookie, BigQueton possesses very high statistics for a champion Digimon, in addition to their primary search for fight, they become a fearsome rival.

BigQueton data are composed of Manga and Anime heroes or similar they possess in their interior a diabolical power that is difficult to control.

BigQueton would be an "anti-hero" or "Monster inside the hero".


· Mega Cannon Arms, level 1-5: BigQueton uses the hole in his knuckles to charge an enormous amount of destructive energy that then fires in a large Ray. the level of attack determines its destructive power.

· Beast Rush: wrapped in a thunderous and fearsome roar, BigQueton is launched against rival throwing of punches, kicks and several able to break a steel building. This is a Demencial attack.

· Atmospheric stomp: Atmospheric stomp: BigQueton jump up to great heights at high speed, and then drops stand on the ground with great force, creating a shock wave in its around


Level: Ultimate
Type: Neutral/Vaccine (Vaccine)
Group: Digimon Warrior.

Ultimate form of Queton.

KnightLionspinmon is a powerful Knight Digimon whose sense of Justice, often tends to be in the hands of the folly, he is continuously looking for rivals of level greater than his own, preferably the kind dragon Digimon or Knight. The brightness of his White Armor denote his superiority to a KnightLionspinmon neutral type (broken and grey armor), and he makes it known by other Digimon as the "White Knight" or "Knight of the luminous wake".

Despite his great sense of Justice, this Digimon is notable for its direct and daredevil fighting style, and often lacking in strategy... also stresses that, generally, KnightLionspinmon handles his sword (the Great-X-Sword) with one hand, which reduces the power of their attacks in half, his opponent may feel honored (or fearful) if KnightLionspinmon decides to take up the Great-X-Sword with both hands because he will mean that it recognized its strength and that he will be used your totally force.

The Great-X-Sword was a present from Azulongmon to protect the human being whose power and heart transformed him into a KnightLionspinmon vaccine type. This sword makes physical and spiritual strength of the Digimon who wield it in a devastating light, on the other hand, only a Digimon with sufficient power and heart full of light can hold the Great-X-Sword.

KnightLionspinmon data are based on legendary Knights and legends Arthurian.

KnightLionspinmon is a hero type "Medieval knight".

Techniques (One Hand):

· Stellar Claymore: KnightLionspinmon wraps the Great-X-Sword with light of nearby stars and is thrown against the enemy with a force capable of breaking a mountain.

· King´s Honor: an powerfull attack of fire that launches in V-shape, wrapped in an spirit of OmegaShoutmon.

· Chaos tornado: KnightLionspinmon turns the Sword-X-Great at high speed to create a gigantic tornado which drag multiple enemies in a wide area, and with the hand that is free, throws heavy objects which the tornado can not lift inside the tornado.

Techniques (Two Hands):

· Constellations-Destroyer: Final version of "Stellar Claymore". KnightLionspinmon wraps the light from the galaxies in the Great-X-Sword, creating an "spacial aura" to its round, whose court is capable of destroying any kind of Chrome Digizoid.

· Justice´s Honor: Final version of "King´s Honor". KnightLionspinmon invokes the spirits of OmegaShoutmon, Omnimon, Gallantmon and other Digimon that symbolizing justice to first throw a light V, then a reverse V, which merge in a large light destructive with X form.

· Chaos Storm: Final version of "Chaos tornado". KnightLionspinmon turns the Great-X-Sword at a rate so high that tornado reaches the sky and generates thunderstorms and blizzards in the interior of the tornado.


· Level: Mega
· Type: Vaccine
· Group: Warrior / Beast / Angel Digimon.

Mega form of Queton.

The "human aspect" rather than the "original aspect" of OmegaKerpymon responds to the desire of Queton become a human being, for the love of Aura. This feat has origin in the words of Babamon: "The digivolution is the miracle that makes that Digimon will become what they most crave in his heart"

How as simple Digimon, OmegaKerpymon is a cluster of power based on the pure light, which shines in the most absolute darkness as in broad daylight, possesses a strength and unparalleled physical strengths even for a Mega Digimonas well as an unwavering will, his physical powers are due to the membership of OmegaKerypmon to three groups of Digimon, which is due to the "hero type" which corresponds to OmegaKerpymon, as a Digimon-human, OmegaKerpymon sees increased its attributes due to this duality.

OmegaKerpymon has tattooed on his right arm "magic values" by three angels Ophanimon, Seraphimon and has to fix the "pod of light", which connects to the world of light and can get endless arms of pure light from it. The data of OmegaKerpymon is composed of "Mythological Heroes with divine ancestry" data such as Hercules or Perseus, who possessed the duality of being half man and half God, which is reflected in the Group OmegaKerpymon Digimon and even more so in their "human aspect".

When Babamon see the miracle of the "Human Digivolution" she theorized: "It is possible that the human form of OmegaKerpymon is by the renowned duality in your data, which is extrapolated to the fact of being human and Digimon at the same time... or may be just another example of the miracle of Digivolution"


· Pegasus Heroic Punch: OmegaKerpymon uses the magic of his right arm to attract all the light of the universe and "pod of light" to launch a lethal version of the "Heroic Sky Punch" of Queton, wrapped in a light Pegasus (homage to Saint Seiya).

· Just gun: OmegaKerpymon invokes the "pod of light" light to receive a random weapon of pure light random (swords, whip, chains, cane, spear, arches, etc.)

· Sun of soul: OmegaKerpymon invokes the magic power of his right arm to invoke the nine known emblems (value, friendship, hope, love, sincerity, innocence, light, kindness and knowledge) and other two strangers, and concentrate them is a ball of destructive light.

· Seal of evil: OmegaKerpymon nailing the entrance of light "Pod" on the ground, and then thousands of strings of light emerge from the floor instantly to secure to the enemy and immobilize it.

· Light rain: OmegaKerpymon raises the "pod of light" skyward, and then this drives out a ray of light which is divided into the sky in thousands of Spears of light, which then precipitate on the ground.

· Destroying Darkness: OmegaKerpymon uses the "light pod" from invokes seven swords of light that are stuck on the ground, forming a heptagon, which then explodes in a blinding light column. Bigger is the heptagon, more scope and power has the attack. This attack is often combined with the "seal of evil".
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