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Before anyone goes up in arms, this is just my OWN rendition of Amaterasu, and i base this one off Japanese Mythology more than what Okami did with their Wolf version, which followed more on the fact that Amaterasu was merely the Sun God.

In Shikiru's universe, as i'll label it, Amaterasu is the supreme god amongst them all, rivalled by none except the outsider the Dark Patron. Who gained immense power in her universe by the mass sacrifice that Betrayer of Civilizations caused. Amaterasu, however, still holds her role jealousy, although she cannot destroy the Dark Patron, she still attempts to find a way. But that's off-topic.

Her power is essentially Creation unto itself, although she can't create certain entities, nor can she truly watch over each and every individual, hence the creation of the lesser gods like *in that series* Anubis, who watches over all canines and all that.This is a showcase of her mortal form, which does not make her vulnerable to death. To clear this up, Amaterasu can DIE in her mortal form, but this will merely cause her to have to create a new form, as no power in that universe can truly destroy her, and any that try are usually annihilated with extreme prejudice.

Her enemy on the planetside are all Oni, whom the Dark Patron now commands and, with that, prevents her from completely destroying their traitorous race as a whole. However, in her mortal form, she is thoroughly deadly on her own, going out of her way to destroy any oni in her path on whatever goal she is attempting to accomplish.

In terms of powers on the Mortal Plane, Amaterasu retains most of her godly powers, including the ability to create light from nothing, however she cannot create or destroy, in a sense, until she returns to her plane of existence. However, should Amaterasu be threatened by oh-say, a large oni that is triple her mortal size, she can grow to enormous size to combat them with a fury unmatched, they might be far more resistant to be annihilated than their smaller bretheren, but that doesn't stop Amaterasu from killing them the 'mortal' way.

Not to say Amaterasu is a vengeful and angry god, she is very protective and interactive with her creations, well willingly to obey mortal rules if they do not disturb the way she works, and even playing by their rules if it advances her cause. However, like all the gods and goddesses, Amaterasu enjoys tributes in her name, which in this case is a ceremony that involves pouring a mixture of milk and honey, into a fountain with a lotus floating in the middle. If Amaterasu is feeling kind and generous, the lotus leaves will turn golden, and the shining rays of the sun will continue unabated, as well as having a good harvest of the lotuses that keep many from going insane with hunger, if Amaterasu, however, is displeased or the ceremony goes wrong in any way, than the Lotus will wither, and the liquid will turn a ghastly black color, and the chamber where the ceremony was performed will be considered tainted, and will require months of purification before it can be used again.

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading.

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