Love is A Rebellious Bird- ATC Picture

my third atc. Atcs are so much fun. i really like them since i can do something really small, like paint a scene. or draw a scene. and it doesn't take me forever cuz its a regular 8.5 by 11 paper.

so i do it kinda differently than regular atcs. i have my art on both sides of the card. usually your supposed to have just one side and then on the back with "atc date name/sig" so this is like my own thing i do.

so the front side is on the left and back is on the right.

front: a like mythological bird thing in watercolors with "Love is like a rebellious bird" quote from the book Luna by Julie Anne Peters and then repeats the quote along the edges of the card

back: watercolor background, bleach stamp technique on photo, doodles of flowers and vines with black felt pen, and quotes from "Everyday" by Rascall Flatts, "Home" by Blake Shelton, and "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban
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